1. C

    White S15, no aero, TE37 style wheels - Peterborough 18:30ish

    I saw the first S15 I've ever seen on the roads tonight! Only caught a quick glimpse but it looked stunning. Spotted it parked at the Shell petrol station on Lincoln Road near Werrington at around 6:30pm tonight. I just wondered if it was anyone's on here? Appeared to be standard aero with no...
  2. S

    FS: XXR 530 - 5 x 114.3

    I have a set of 5x114.3 XXR 530’s for sale. 2 x 18 x 8.5 et20 with tyres (1 good 4/5mm tread, 1 damaged – split in wall) 2 x 18 x 9.75 et20 with good tyres – can’t recall the tread depth but I’ll take a look tonight. 1 9.75” wheel is damaged after coming into contact with a lorry, it still...
  3. S

    FS: Standard front/rear bumpers.

    I have a pair of oem spec r bumpers for sale. Both are in good condition although the paintwork is slightly tatty. Front bumper comes with original plastic grills. (I'll get some pictures up tonight) £150 front. £130 rear. Collection is preferred but if you want to arrange your own courier...
  4. Dan H

    Pewter 15 in Shipston

    Saw a nice pewter Silvia going through Shipston past the church tonight. Anybody on here? I haven't seen a 15 here since I sold my one a few years back.
  5. S

    Hi, Just got my s15 tonight

    Hi all, just got my s15 tonight. Havent got too many pics of it yet. Here are a couple Car has Impul front and rear bumper Nismo exhaust Tomei expreme manifold and turbo elbow Splitfire coilpacks Has a welded diff although think im gonna stick with the vlsd Qashqai satnav headunit with...
  6. O

    WTB: T28r Oil Return Pipe

    Hi, S14a owner here. Swapping my T28 for a T28R after being told its a direct swap using all the same bits, but just found out the T28 oil return flange is bigger than the T28R and kinda needs to be back on the road for tonight. Proper stuck here. Can anybody in East Midlands UK help me...
  7. W

    FS: OEM steering wheel

    selling my Spec-R wheel, im sure its identical to the Spec S, still has airbag intact, just dead weight in my house. i have a nardi style deep wheel that i use now, so i do not need this. i can post pics tonight if anyone is interested in this. $200 USD + shipping. on a side note, i'm...
  8. C

    white one leaving modified live tonight

    just wondered if it was anyone on here as didnt see it throughout the show but saw you leaving this afternoon
  9. Mark_D

    Meet: PASSION JAP Meet Halfway House Essex Fri 13th Tonight! 7.30pm Onwards, Halfway House (A127), Southend Arterial Road, East Horndon, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3LL Been the last couple of months and its been wicked both times...
  10. Topper

    Factory Alignment settings for the S15

    Anyone know the above?? Getting my alignment done tonight so just wanted to know as a referance. Cheers :)
  11. D

    Tonight, playing about

    Well.... out and about tonight and following on from Mr Riccioni's theme of long exposure pictures... we managed to crack these out! :D So, these also look great, but... also are for people that haven't seen it yet! :D Low light Red neons Hi-contrast one... Blue n Green neons...