1. Nicely

    Childline fund raiser

    Posted on behalf of Topper :) Hello :wave: A group of friends and I are playing in a 5a.side competition in Glasgow this Saturday, the competition raises money for Childline. We raised the highest amount last year and are hoping to...
  2. J

    Jap show finale

    .... who's going? :) I'll be there, in the R33, which (as a bit of an update) now features custom leather/alcantara interior and a tasty elbow/downpipe/decat and cat-back combination! I thought selling the S15 was suppose dto save me some money?! :eek: Mmm. :wack: How's everyone anyway...
  3. D

    FS: 2005 Smart Roadster, C'mon Help me out! To fund S15!

    Been up for sale for around a week i think, on autotrader as well. The price originally was ?7600 but now ?7100 as id like this sorted quickly so i can begin s15 ownership! Originally, I was looking at buying a saloon like a saab 9-3 or audi A4 :yawn: and then buying a second car, was thinking...
  4. Yakozan

    Video: How to draw a car in MS paint

    something for you Topper :) Some really mad skills this person has.
  5. Nicely

    Currency Exchange

    Is it worth adding this to the site? or this one Just noticed some parts are already for sale in the for sale section and as this is a ?world? club just thought it might help things out a little. Originally posted by Mr Smith & Topper