1. D

    Rought price brake down of importing

    Hi just wondering if anyone had dealings with torqueGT on importing there s15 , what are the total costs ..... car it self and everything else ?
  2. D

    Really awesome wheels, size and offset any good?

    Hi guys, I can get my hands on a really awesome set of rims. Since my S15 will be transformed into a widebody Vertex Edge with +50mm fenders, i wondered the wheels i can get will fit the total package? Specs of wheels are: Front: 18" 10J offset-1 Rear: 18" 11,5J offset -21 Hope you guys can...
  3. JDM_virgin

    I think Ive been had...

    Just bought some wheel arch liners direct from nissans, both parts of the drivers side liners and the bottom part for the passenger side, total price....£124.74 including VAT Cant help thinking i should have looked elsewhere?
  4. Havoc

    FS: Electrical goodies for all you sparkys! (MCB/Consumer units/Isolators) etc...

    Hello. I have a lot of equipment left over from solar installations I no long require and would like to sell at great discount in bulk just to get rid of it, however if I have no real interest I will consider breaking up and selling stuff individualy. List as follows with shop prices...
  5. oilman

    Free Shipping for orders over £35 - Offers Inc!

    *** FREE STANDARD UK MAINLAND SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER £35 *** * Some Scottish postcodes not included *** CAN BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH OTHER OFFERS *** - PLUS THESE OFFERS AS WELL > > > > > Motul 6100 Synergie+ 10w-40 now only £24.99, was £33.60 Saving you a total of £8.61 on...
  6. Fruitbooter

    For those that have converted kmh to mph speedo

    Realised last night that the last MOT i told them the wrong mileage! Doh! What I did was get them to convert the total number on the clocks to miles as I told them it was in km's... What I should have done was use the number of km's at the point the car was picked up. Then it was converted to...
  7. R

    Moving on...

    Back in early December, some lovely old chap decided he wasn't going to give way on a roundabout and pulled straight in to my path. The resulting front end damage has meant that the insurance company have declared my lovely S15 a total loss (she has been taken away today:cry:) Anyway, I thought...
  8. S

    Security alarm?

    Ok iv just about had it with my car alarm, I'm going to get it ripped out and a new one fitted! But what to go for? And if anyone knows of a good installer as well in east anglia,:thumbs: Would like: total closure, boot popper, remote start, blackjax (have to enter code befor engin start, if...
  9. C

    FS: Driftworks Polybushes

    Here I have.. 1x Set of Subframe Polybushes/plates (4 bushes total) 1x Set of Front LCA bushes (2 bushes total) 1x Set of Rear LCA bushes (4 bushes total) 4x Sets of rear control arm bushes (8 bushes total) I bought them a few months ago but have decided not to fit them...
  10. Darren_S15

    Total Nissan November 2010 Edition

    Anyone who reads this magazine will notice my S15 has appeared in the November edition. Its from when we attended JAE as a club, Total Nissan requested the club organiser from each Nissan club get together on the Sunday morning for a photo shoot and chat. Got a total of 5 pics of my car and...
  11. mint

    s15oc Shoot @ JAE

    Here's my snaps from the s15oc JAE Shoot Enjoi! A total of 70 pics on the mintofruit ah yeh!
  12. S

    New Yashio Headlights

    Yashio factory have 'released' new S15 headlights. From translation I believe you have to send your lights and the total cost is about £420 at todays exchange rate.
  13. T

    Total Nissan Launch issue

    HI all, We have heard that some subscribers to Total Nissan have not yet received their launch issue copy. We understand how annoying this can be so we have given some information below. If you subscribed before 31st January and still haven't received your copy.... Please call Stuart Bell...
  14. S

    Melbourne Boy Here

    Hello to all S15 owners. Melbourne boy here and I'd just like to say that I'm in total love with my Pewtwe S15 Spec R GT!!! :)
  15. T

    Annoying Rattly Noise

    Has anyone ever had that rattly noise,it sounds like its coming from the cylinder head and as soon as you depress the clutch,select gear and move a couple of inches its gone. Its confusing me because I was putting it down to trapped air in the Hydraulic Tappets,but Im a total Noob to these...