1. M

    Tow hooks

    Sure its been covered on here before but the search is not giving me any help sorry. All im after is a recommended tow hook to fit at the front Maybe something like this Also if anyone has any pics of...
  2. W

    FS: Benen tow hooks, Blox gear knobs and oil caps.

    Guys, last lot flew out, sorry about that!! Have the following landing this week so be quick... All itmes are universal unless stated otherwise and include postage, packaging and insurance costs. Benen Tow hook front - Black x1 £40 posted. Benen Tow hook rear - polished x1 £40 posted...
  3. JaseYpk

    Front tow eye

    Is there one? i've looked and cant seem to find one, so does anyone know where i can aquire one from and the best place of fitment? thanks
  4. K

    tow hooks

    can anyone help me in finding tow hooks that are for track use . i'm not talking about the factory hooks located under the car . i'm talking about these hooks i've seen that stick out from the bumper for when you tow the car so that it doesnt mess-up your bumper or kit .