1. W

    Newb with trader question

    Hi All, New member checking in. Basically I have just set up my own business which deals in carbon fibre parts for all makes of car so wondered how I would become a trader on here to offer you guys the products I sell? I am also an authorised Seibon dealer:wave:
  2. meddler

    Trade/Company forum users

    All, If you represent a company or wish to become a trader on this forum, please be aware of the following rule. As Silvia Owners Club is a privately owned forum, it is requested that you ask the forum owner for permission to become a trader or a company representative on this forum. It would...
  3. meddler

    Trader Titles

    There has been a few minor changes to the S15OC usergroups. Now it is possible for members to see which traders contribute to S15OC so they can be recognized and hopefully, be rewarded for their generosity. Traders will now have one of two titles 1) Contributing Trader - These are the...