1. D

    S15 Steernig Wheel Part Numbers

    Hi all. Does someone out there know the physical differences between the part numbers of these steering wheels? 48430-85F00 - I know this is leather trim, is it red stitching? 48430-85F01 - I don't know, is this leather too? Stitching colour? 48430-85F10 - I know this is the plastic one...
  2. S

    shift boot retainer bracket

    Hi all, anyone have a good alternative method of pinning the bottom of the shift boot to the console trim piece? the white retainer bracket with all the plastic tabs (just shown in below img) i had got broken trying to fit a new leather boot and i cant find a replacement without splashing on...
  3. A

    WTB: Carbon bonnet

    As above gang let me know what you have? also after oem gear gaitor tears and wear is fine as I am only after trim that glued to thanks
  4. A

    WTB: A few parts wanted. Please help!

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for the following parts for my car, I hope someone out there can help!: Parcel shelf Boot trim Rear wiper + motor Interior carpet Front seats Front wings Spec R diff Steering wheel Aero skirts Thank you.
  5. Saxon

    Plastic Door Trim

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this would be better posted in the "Wanted to Buy" bit, but I'm after this piece of door trim as the one on mine is broken. Any ideas where I could get one, or whether anyone happens to have a spare door card lying around with one on it I could buy? There was someone...
  6. D

    WTB: Spec R shift boot/ trim

    Hey guys I am looking for a spec r shift boot/ trim piece. Anyone who got a neat one left?
  7. Lil SpecR

    WTB: WANTED Gear Gaitor plastic trim thanks to heavy handed alarm fitter :(

    so apparently the guy who fitted my alarm was heavy handed :( the plastic part that attaches to the bottom of the gear gaiter and fixes into the console has had ALL its clips broken, so does anyone have one for sale? Vgc oem or may consider aftermarket custom gaitor so long as the plastic trim...
  8. S

    WTB: Drivers side rear qtr panel trim

    I'm after a driver side rear quarter panel trim in good condition. anyone got one?
  9. A

    Door rattle, screw wont tighten up.

    I had a rattle in the door so took the trim off & its the bracket that sits inside the pull handle of the door trim, the 2 bolts #4 that holds bracket #5 wont tighten they just pop out of the hole when it gets to a certain tightness, any ideas how to make them stay in or I figured I could get a...
  10. Johnny

    WTB: WTB cover grill fog light

    covers without place for fog light..full trim
  11. S

    WTB: driver side rear trim plastic

    in need of the drivers side rear plastic trim, the one that covers the rear quarter panel and has the storage space in there... any one got good condition one?
  12. M

    WTB: Spec s A pillar trim and some other interior bits

    Looking for a spec a A pillar trim without gauge, or a part number. Also one of the three clips that holds the headlining up at the back to the roof. Door handle pull surround for passenger side also. Thanks.
  13. Q

    Help needed finding exterior trim parts!

    It's near time to get my car repainted and need to source out some new OEM Nissan exterior detail bits like the door trim, window trim and door seals/weather stripping, the downside is I live in the states so I need help finding these parts from you guys. First off, are these parts available?
  14. Lanyard

    FS: Carbon fibre door trim (effect - not real) Super rare

    So I'm just importing a beautiful S15 and it's got carbon effect interior door handle surround and grab handle trim on it! This isn't to my taste but I've not been able to find anyone or anywhere that sell these... So it must be a crazy Japanese thing?! I have no idea what these should be worth...
  15. J

    window trim

    Hi lads I am going for a full respray and am getting the Windows taken out for it I was just wondering can new trim and window rubbers be got for the s15 just in the event something happens it. Thanks
  16. shib

    Wind Deflector Removal

    My passenger side wind deflector is missing a clip and damaged on one of the corners so I'm going to remove them both. What's the best way to remove these? I'm concerned about the trim behind them, can these be replaced if it's not looking too healthy?
  17. G

    FS: 6 speed shifter surround and shifter boot

    included are, the silver outer trim, the creamy yellow bit that holds the boot in and the leather effect boot. the boot has a bit of wear and has slightly holed in 2 wont really notice when fitted. the silver trim has a few scratches from storage and the fact its like 13 years
  18. G

    5 speed conversion trim troubles

    ive put a 5 speed gearbox on my spec R, when i put all the trim back in ive found that the gear lever is catching on the plastic surround trim (the smaller silver plastic part which has the 6 speed pattern on it) when im shifting into the lower gears and reverse. i know others have put the 5...
  19. 2fst4u

    How to remove grey/silver trim on stock steering wheel

    Quick uncommon question: Does anyone know how to remove those two silver trim bits on the stock steering wheel without snapping anything? Too poor to get a new wheel for now so gonna pimp this one out :)
  20. T

    WTB: Interior bits

    Hi guys, I'm after the centre piece with the ash tray and cup holders in, dont know how else to describe it. and The piece of trim to the right and down from the steering wheel, has the headlight adjusters in. Wow, im **** at describing interior trim pieces. Thanks chaps.