1. F

    FS: S15 dashboard & interior parts

    I am breaking my s14a next week so have my s15 dashboard etc to sell. Dash clocks, Dashboard top, bottom half (with glove box, centre console, centre with lid all included £400 S15 doorcards and a pillar trims with boost gauge £40 Would fit in a 13 easily or a 14 with a little work Cheers Alex
  2. G

    Paint No. for Titanium Internal Trims

    I want to re-paint the titanium cabin plastic trims. Anybody know if there is a aerosol paint number or brand or color code that fits the stock trims?
  3. Nicely

    Project Hilux - stage two complete

    As some of you might know, I bought a Hilux the other month as a second vehicle and daily drive. Anyone who has sat in a Hilux will tell you that it is somewhat basic... Mine was no different. Couple that with a knackered bench seat and something needed doing. Got myself and entire set of...