1. G

    found one, could use some opinions

    hey guys i found an s15 spec S just wanted to know what you guys thought about it its a bit too expensive ($18k)...
  2. T

    FS: Greddy ( Trust ) Ultimate ECU wiring loom universal harness kit brand new

    Greddy ( Trust ) Ultimate ECU wiring loom universal harness kit. New with splices, iso style connectors and bullet terminals (as pictured). £50 posted recorded. Link:GREDDY E-MANAGE ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL HARNESS KIT 15901500 | eBay (This is not my ebay item)
  3. JaseYpk

    FS: Japspeed 50mm Rad (popped..)

    cheeky punt.... I was going to launch this into a skip, but then figured i might get a few quid for it if someone wants to fix it lol Its in good condition apart from the pop in the centre of it. cant see the hole as its in the fins somewhere, but trust me, there is one haha. RadWeld wont fix...
  4. J

    One very tough JDM S15

    Hey people, I thought I would put up my pride and joy to show everyone and see what you all think of it. Its a 1999 Nissan JDM Silvia S15 ENGINE: Bored, honed, machined and chem cleaned block Fully balanced bottom end Ross harmonic balancer Crack tested and chem cleaned crank ACL race...
  5. M

    workmeister s1 refurb

    Anyone know if its possible to get workmeister s1 rims refurbed in ireland??they are the polished finish 3 piece version and i woulnt trust giving them to just anybody so if anyone has had any experience with these help would be appreciated
  6. Q

    Ryan's ADM Black s15

    Ryan's 2001 Black s15 Australian Spec S This is my s15. I've kept it pretty simple as the car is my daily driver for work; its pretty easy to drive on the street as with the stock kit it still high enough to drive anywhere. The whole car has been built at home with a mix of custom fabbed and...
  7. sliding-r

    FS: Exhaust for Sale- Trust PE 2 Cat Back

    Hi, PROV SOLD, TAKEN DEPOSIT! i have for sale a trust Power Extreme 2 cat back in near mint condition.. which is Jasma Approved, this is a proper Japanese built exhaust not cheap chinese quality. The exhaust came on my spec-r but after more research it turns out its designed for the...
  8. V

    VAs15's S15

    S15 Spec S Aero S15 SR20DET w/ 6 Speed GReddy FMIC TRUST Downpipe Catco 3" Cat TRUST DD 3" Catback Defi Boost Gauge Nismo Cluster Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers This is what it used to look like before i sold the TE-37's here is how it sits now
  9. K

    WTB: Aftermarket Manifold

    Looking for an aftermarket manifold. Good quality is important. Have been looking at Tomei, HKS, Trust...... Anyone got some laying around?

    hey guys, just doing some promo for my mate barnz at SP GARAGE stocks pritty much all the bits and bobz and if he doesn't have it just ask! can find pritty dam near anything, Trust me i know lol stocks all! Greddy Trust HKS JUN Bride, Seats, rails,matts etc.. Apexi volk wheels Gram light wheels...
  11. mint

    Origin Tail Lights

    Where can i buy them from?.. I found a seller on but im not sure i trust it due to feedback :down:
  12. A

    FS: Trust Greddy Radiator Cap

    Trust Greddy Radiator Cap Type S Series *Genuine Greddy Parts *Part no. 13901000 *Brand New ?24 including postage Thank you for looking Andy can call me on 07917054159
  13. D

    Exahust for a S15

    hey all i wont to put a good eahaust on my nissan S15 but i dont know what a good brand and exhaust and i wonting to put a 3inch dump pipe to cat cause i think that the best u can put there and wont to do 3.5inch cat back but what do use sugest to do thanx all what do use thing about the Trust...
  14. T

    Hello...My New Silvia S15 Spec-R...

    Hi, Im TonyS15 previously known on the SXOC as anthony200, I had a Red S13 for a year which i sold on through the owners club and now joined this S15OC. Anyway after a year away from SXOC, i finally saved enough money to buy myself a new one but of the Silvia Variety.....:sxoc: I have been...
  15. 1

    Trust oil-cooler with filter relocation kit - USER

    Anyone use the Trust oil cooler kit with filter relocation? Just wanted to know where the filter is being relocated to.
  16. 1

    130r's R

    Hi, The car came stock but having bought it from the Trust distributor here, i got some goodies to tag along FOC. 02 SpecR Yellow. - Trust Power Extreme II full exhaust - Trust E-mange Kit - Trust radiator cap, oil filler cap and air diversion plate. - JIC coilover - Duckbill rear deck wing...