1. S

    Nice looking Varietta

    Found this nice looking variety a on you tube. Check it out.
  2. naha_music

    Turbo oil drain tube on block

    I've changed to a top mount turbo set up, and replacing all the oil feed/drain lines with braided hoses and AN fittings. I also want to replace the oil drain tube on the block that connects to the turbo drain line with a 10AN fitting. The weather hasn't been very cooperative the past couple...
  3. andeep

    FS: New Blitz Nur Spec R Baffle/Bung

    Got a brand new Blitz Nur Spec R Baffle/Bung that came with my exhaust. Dimensions: Inner Tube Size = 50mm Outer Tube Size = 110mm Length = 310mm £40 delivered
  4. B

    You tube - Perth S15's

    Not a bad collection of machines:
  5. raytsang

    something that i found in you tube if you look closely someone actually bought one of ming's beanies that he was selling on ebay a while back!!!!!!