1. H

    Injector upgrade. Driveable to tuner?

    Hi. Im in a bit of a situation here. Time to fit JECS 550cc injectors, but will the car be driveable to the tuner? Only changed new mod that will be done, at dyno a z32 maf will be fitted aswell. Car is today tuned with apexi pfc, 0.95bar stock injectors, r34gtr fuelpump, pod, full 3"...
  2. Auss15

    Took the plugs out

    Took the plugs out to have a look at how they're running. Interesting result. It appears 1&4 cylinders are running rich, 2 a little leaner and 3 definatly lean. What do you think? Need to have my tune checked? If I do I think I need a new tuner
  3. C

    What do i look out for if im getting a used S15?

    Hi peeps, im new to this forum. So hope u guys can assist me with getting myself a new ride. Im a S15 lover, but i know nth much abt cars. So any suggestions on where and what to look out for, if i'm getting a used S15? E.g engine parts, oil leakage, flimpsy body kit, cracks and wear n tear...
  4. T

    tripleJs15 Import Tuner Article

    Have a read, better than trying to find the magazine: http://www.importtuner.com/features/impp_1005_2000_nissan_silvia/index.html Thanks.
  5. T

    tripleJs15 Import Tuner Photos!

  6. simon

    supercharged altezza for s15?

    i've been offered a supercharged tezza as a straight swap for my s15, can't decide whether to go for it, but i'm really tempted. it looks like a job done well, mapped by a reputable tuner, but value-wise it's very hard to gauge, anyone offer any advice? cheers...
  7. B

    FS: ** SOLD ** S15 Extreme Tuner 1:12 DIECAST

    I'm selling this brand new S15 Extreme Tuner 1:12 DIECAST model. It lights up internally, front and rear lights. The detail on this model is great. Price: ?40 plus P&P Thanks for looking and please contact me if you have questions. Blinx :)