1. D

    Which ECU to buy ?

    Hey guys im new to this forum, iv owned my s15 spec R less than 2 weeks and its got a few cheeky mods on it. such as GT2871- R turbo,740cc injectors,FMIC ,tein coilovers, turbo back exhaust,custom tubular manifold, hks mushroom ect... The thing is that when i get to a set of lights the oil...
  2. John-

    What would you do?

    I'm going to get my car remapped with Nistune for peace of mind after doing all stage one modifications: Induction, decat 3" catback, Profec b spec 2 boost controller, FMIC, and a walbro fuel pump. Question is where do I go? I have found out that Steve at FC Tuning is pretty much right at my...
  3. P

    tuning non turbo

    what the best way to tune my non turbo s15 any help thanks
  4. A

    GReddy Profect B Spec

    anyone no alot about tuning these boost controllers??? just need to no a few thngs.
  5. C

    New to S15

    Hey everyone today we paid for a Silvia s15 Spec S Collect this weekend cant wait this is going to be my girlfriends cars but ill be honest we both love it what are the tuning options for the spec s? is there anything we should be careful of or to look out for? Cheers Chris+Becky
  6. LuPix_S15

    TAS 2010 First Pics

    Just thought you guys might wanna see some 'first pics' from this year's TAS snapped by Dino for Speedhunters... some nice mental tuning stuff on show as always with the Japs and the S15 is gaaawjussss!!! :cool: http://speedhunters.com/archive/2010/01/16/event-gt-gt-tas-2010-overview.aspx James
  7. craig_m

    FS: rear lights

    i bought these not to long ago as i was planning on buying a s15, but now have bought myself a s14a and got money to spend on tuning :) never used still in orginal bubble wrap. so these have to go to fund some bits. £90 + £10p&p
  8. R

    Tuning mods (HELP)!

    I'm looking for a stand alone ECU with aunti lag and launch control as a setting on it. Also looking for a dump valve the don't jst go chhh! I'm looking for one that flutters but don't know what ones do it. Also what would be the best uprated fuel pump for my SR20DET and i'm in need of some...
  9. S

    Stage One Tuning

    Gents After driving in a friend's (ugly) tuned Scooby, i've now caught the tuning bug! So what I have so far is just the Apexi filter with heat shield. I only want to do the following: FMIC Colder Spark Plugs Nismo 555 Injectors Increase boost ECU Remap Firstly, how much should this all...
  10. M

    Tuning shops in Hong Kong and Bangkok

    Hi there everyone, In a few weeks i am going on a holiday to Hong Kong and Bangkok. While i am over there i would like to do some shopping for car parts and look around in tuning shops. If anyone knows any tuning shops and places that sell Japanese car parts e.g. dump pipes, gauges etc, in...
  11. M

    Newbie checking in!

    Hey!, Im Scott, and co-run the SJCC (shropshirejapcarclub), and drive (wait for it:eek:) a 95' MR2 GT-S. I heard about the site from a fellow member (Initial-D) and thought i'd check it out, as all being well, over the next year or so, i'll be investing in a white Spec-R:cool: Hopefully you...
  12. sniffy

    intercooler question ?

    quick question i seen this intercooler on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Trust-Intercooler-Kit-FMIC-Silvia-S14-S15-SR20DET_W0QQitemZ4645826760QQihZ002QQcategoryZ130642QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem i was wondering would it be ok for my S15 i wont be going mad on bhp probally just tuning it to bout...
  13. D

    japanese tuning show

    http://www.japanesetuningshow.co.uk/ will we be in attendance? :)
  14. O

    tuning the spec S

    so now ive been told what s15 i have, how do i go about tuning it, can i get a set of cams for it? ive been told there is a 200hp spec s and a 162hp spec s, i no ive got the lower one. whats the differents, can i use the 200hp parts on my 162 to make it more powerfull? like ecu, cams, exhaust...
  15. M

    Nissan Silvia recource with tuning guides

    Hello all thought you might find my new website useful http://nissansilvia.biz cheers
  16. A

    Where to read about ECU tuning???

    So, I have a little knowledge about ECU tuning. Where can I read more about this work? better about apexi power fc tuning on sr20det. How to make maps and e.c. ???