1. P


    Hi everyone, few mods and photos of my 2JZ S15 thats been built over the last few years. Currently a street machine and recently engineered, maybe in the future it'll see a track day. 2jzgte vvti JZS161 Precision 6062 gen 2 .82 Turbo smart 50mm progate 1600cc ID injectors Kelford b series cams...
  2. N

    99 jdm 15

    99 black spec r s15 done ~96000k 3inch turbo back exhaust turbosmart boost controller turbosmart boost gauge gtr fmic turbosmart vee port bov 18inch 350z rims pod filter nistune the car pulls 288hp at rear wheels on 15psi, spikes to 17 then works its way back to 15psi got something to do with...
  3. T

    My 99 JDM S15

    hey guys! Here is some specs on my ride. Awesome car. Got a soft spot for the S series nissans. Engine:- SR20det - Xforce low mount lobster manifold - Xforce turbo back exhaust - Garrett Gt3071r .86 (I know) - Turbosmart ultragate 38 (plumbed back into exhaust) - Predator motorsport short...
  4. meddler

    R33 BOV Fitment

    Guys, I know this is a little strange, but are the mountings for a R33 Skyline Blow Off Valve the same as the S15? The reason I ask, is that my mate has an R33 which he is selling. I am trying to pilfer as many bits as I can off it before he does. He has a nice turbosmart plumback BOV fitted...
  5. channie

    My dyno results!

    Had nothing else to do and came across my dyno print outs!!! Might be of intrest to some... (The red lines are the unmapped PFC and my cam positioning sensor pissed!) Engine mods... Tomei Expreme manifold Power Fc Dejtro Nismo 740cc injectors Stock S15 BB turbo (50K) DW Front mount Walbro...