1. Saxon

    FMIC + Stock Airbox?

    Hi everyone, Will the stock airbox work with a FMIC in terms of space? I have a thing against hot air intakes/sik wikid induction kits but am I going to have to get one in order to fit the FMIC? If so, which is going to be the best or better than others as I know there are a few different...
  2. R


    hey all little incident today where this guy and his kid are crossing the road on a speed bump, i stopped but this guy still felt the need to mouth at me "this is a walkway you **cking T**T and walked away, left me alittle suprised at how someone just says that to a stranger with his kid as...
  3. Fasthands

    FS: My trailer for sale.. for all you camping types..

  4. JaseYpk

    Turbo Elbows - Different types?

    So, the convenient time has come to do the swap, and i've found a few different types, so if someone could be so kind as to point out any differences, then please go ahead! :) Type 1 - Standard elbow, just one big pipe Type 2 - Elbow is split into two, the smaller of which comes from the...
  5. B

    different types of blue s15

    Are there different types of blue s15's. One seems more shiny and clearer while the other seems to be more purplish. This is the one which i want...
  6. D

    Brake pads?

    Talked to Yakozan yesterday. And we talked about brakes because that I´m going on a trackday on 2 May. And he said that the S14 and S15 have the same brake pads. And today when I went to a lokal parts dealer he said that their is two types of pads for the S14. So if someone can post a picture...