1. dave_t

    Steering Column Lower Universal Joint - Part Number? (Pics Inside)

    Guys I have replaced my inner tie rods and outer tie rod ends with Tein units, and also replaced my steering rack bushes for energy poly bushes. I still notice a slight dead zone and notchy feeling when moving left-right from dead centre. I think I have pin-pointed the problem to be the...
  2. B

    WTB: hks universal muffler

    Cat back exhaust anyone got one lying around
  3. Joe_S15

    Front lip on aero bumper

    Anybody seen this splitter on an aero bumper before? Cant figure out if its one of these ebay universal jobbies or something like a DC2 lip. Want one for mine though! [/URL][/IMG]
  4. S

    question about hks ssqv

    hi guys im starting to collect bits for my car as its only a few weeks away now!!! im after a BOV and seems the hks ssqv is a common one, but was just wondering if i need an S15 specific one or a universal one!! ive done some searching but still a bit unsure what the S15 specific one will have...
  5. adz87kc

    universal or car specific bov

    Hey, i'm trying to get all the parts together that i need for my car coming. I'm going to buy an ssqv 3 bov but don't know whether to get a universal one or the car specific kit :confused: It'll be getting fitted to an apex type 1 intercooler set up. The universal bov is much cheaper but i'm...