1. relentless

    Central Locking is relocked itself

    Hi Guys NZ New S15. I have this intermittent problem, initially it'd happen maybe once a month so I didn't think much of it but it seems to happen once a day now and having managed to lock myself out of the car this morning I thought I'd see if anyone here has seen it before. So I have a...
  2. sliding-r

    FS: iPhone 3GS 16gb

    Phone in good enough some small scratches and a small crack to back cover. The phone is locked to o2 currently, easy to unlock £160 Ono delivered recorded Comes with charger.
  3. S

    clock and central locking not workin properly

    Hey guys ive had this problem since i bought the car but since its a minor thing i havent really been bother by it, but i thought i'd post it up here to see if you guys can help me out. 1st problem: My clock dosnet work at all. I aint sure why but it just dosent, so could someone please help me...