1. R

    turbo gone??

    hey all went out this morning and car was fine, went to shop, wen came back out and started up was a very rough idle and sounded like a scooby, managed to get home, felt like lacking some power, but noticed blue smoke appearing, switched off, opened the bonnet and some blue smoke was drifting...
  2. seilow

    FS: S15 parts for sale !!

    Update September 2012 everything is available for the moment dashboard (with nav place) 180€* digital climate control 100€* carbon console stereo 120€* oem console sterreo 30€* doors 200€* each(150€*each without mirrors) Tein tie rod + tie rod end 182€* rear side glass 60€* each...
  3. D

    S15 Update

    Hello everyone, it's a been a while since I posted the pics of my s15 the day I picked it up so I thought it was about time for an update. What I've got my grubby mits on already: 18" works emotion wheels (thanks Jez) Tomei Expreme Manifold and turbo elbow Blitz Downpipe and Nur Spec R...
  4. zml

    new fresh stocks update.

    please check the new thread for the update stuff. cheers ZML
  5. T

    FS: Stock Update

    Just a quick update from all of here at Torque. Our new website has gone live in the past month: http://www.torque-gt.co.uk/ It's a work in progress, so development will continue over the next 6 Months. One thing to keep an eye on is the Blog page, where there will be a daily update on...
  6. mint

    Mint and Ian - S Body Brothers Paper

    Just a quick pic from Thackophotography.. got more of my own coming up so will update this.
  7. A

    Hello from Malaysia

    Hello,,not yet an s15 owner but planning to get one..wish me luck :D:D:D will update on details as soon as i get mine.
  8. mint

    JDMtas - Track & Street

    I know not exactly s15's or sx's however i noticed there was an american JDM site posted in here too. www.JDMtas.com Currently going through a V2 update with new forums however its my site for Track & Street Antics. :wack:
  9. K

    im new to this forum

    Here is my 99' spec r with some minor mods ..i will update later again ..still under construction ..
  10. P

    Paul2x Spec-R Project

    Per your requests here is some detailed Pic's of spec's on my latest project. J-spec , spec -r (02') I picked up about 4 months ago now. super clean low miles. Building for fun track/street car. Was bone stock when I picked her up. Started w/ the basics first, Dampers, Wheels, Brakes...