1. L

    Upgraded Clutch Master Cylinder VS Slave

    Hi All, I have upgraded my clutch on my 1999 S15 to an Exedy HD clutch and seeking some advice regarding improving the pedal feel. Do I: Upgrade the Clutch Master Cylinder, such as the GK Tech or Sikky option Wilwood master cylinder adapter to suit S/R chassis Nissans Nissan 240sx Clutch...
  2. S

    Fuel pump

    Hi all I am in the progress of replacing my pump And just wanted to check that this pump is not already upgraded, any help will be much appreciated. The pump is a Arram 31 9F3A [/URL][/IMG]
  3. S

    Urgent help needed! Fly wheels shagged!

    Ok so iv got the car in for a clutch upgrade only to be told that my flywheel is nackered! Happy days! My issue now is no one in the uk has a spare or upgraded part that I can buy to get fitted:annoyed: So if anyone has or knows of where I can get one I'd be very much greatfull😄
  4. D

    WTB: SR20DE upgraded header

    Does anyone happen to have an upgraded header for the SR20DE? Please let me know if you do.
  5. T

    fuel pump

    Am I right in thinking the s15 has an uprated fuel pump compared to the s14? If so, roughly at what horsepower does it become restrictive and need to be upgraded? Thanks.
  6. J0R04N

    Mapping opinions?????

    Just after so info on people's past experience when it comes to choosing your upgraded board/ECU ?? Have a bugget of around £1000 thanks in advance :)
  7. B

    Spec S Brake Upgrade Question

    I've searched the forums and seen some posts saying the Spec R front calipers merely need be bolted on in place of the existing calipers. Do the Discs or the Master Cylinder need to be upgraded? How about the brake lines? If it is not necessary, what are the gains of replacing each? I...
  8. S

    s15 upgraded cams with VCT

    Afternoon folks, got a quick question for you tech heads out there. looking for some experiences and/or recomendations for the cam shafts in my s15 (its a japanese import type R, just for information) current mods: decent exhaust (split dump, 3", few mufflers), the "free boost upgrade"...
  9. S

    SR20DET Water Pump

    My water pump is going but luckily I have caught the problem. What I would like to know is does the s15 pump vary to the s14. I have tried to find one online but cant confirm if there is a difference. Also my car is modded with all other kinds of upgrades and I have read that if you are running...
  10. TriniGT

    My Small Upgrades

    Well I was suppose to be doing bigger upgrades to my S15, namely a turbo upgrade but some things came up that almost made me have to sell my car so instead I got the turbo setup sold and I can afford to just get by keeping my pride and joy. I still had some small items that I needed to install...
  11. C

    s15-s brakes

    hi all Does anyone know where i can get replacement for s15 spec-s brake discs or upgraded ones asap? thanks andy
  12. P

    Replacement Bushes

    Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get replacement front anti-roll bar bushes from? Are they the same size as the s14? If so then presumably I can just get them from the Nissan stealers? Does anyone know where to purchase upgraded parts as I have no idea, I tired Driftworks already.
  13. G

    FS: S15 Spec R

    Right guys......... Haven't really decided to put the nail in the coffin yet but have been seriously thinking of buying a 911..... So far...it's just been the casual glance at autotrader or pistonhead to look at 911s and slowly but surely it's started me thinking of getting one..... Although...
  14. Robbyp

    Robbyp's Spec R

    Robbyp's Spec R *latest update* Hi this is a few pics and spec of my 99 Spec R in Pearl White, Spec so far: ENGINE: Apex filter (i think), Trust/Greddy Spec M intercoller, HKS SQV, Tubular Mani, 3" Cat back system (make unknown yet), THS turbo elbow and 3" downpipe, 3" Creasy Decat, upgraded...