1. J

    WTB: s15 flywheel! urgent!

    has anyone got one? standard? need it a.s.a.p thanks
  2. A

    WTB: desperate

    need bonnet, headlights and passenger side guards asap please contact me if for sale....very urgent!!
  3. E

    URGENT - where is the 6 speed MT fill plug?

    Hi, Sorry for the urgent but the car's currently on the ramp. I've a spec R 6 speed, and don't know which of several options is the fill plug. The service manual shows something that bares no resemblance to my car - is that a 5speed (I heard the S14 looks a bit like that). Mine is pictured...
  4. T

    s15 dimensions

    Gidday chaps, Does anyone have some measurements for the front guards on the s15? need info urgent cheers