1. D

    Hellooo 👍 s15 owner from Wales.

    Picked my s15 up on Friday for a steal of £6700 👌 so far so good, really pleased with it. Previously owned 2 dc5's, 2 ep3's, a rotten S14 with some good bits i picked up for £1500 with a fresh engine rebuild, and then the usual first car ****ters (corsa 1.2, 1.6, 2.0 & nova 1.4sr, 2.0) Looking...
  2. T

    Unusual Colour s15's in the uk and irland

    Hi, I was just looking to see what unsusual colour s15's there are in the uk and ireland. So i wanted to avoid the usual white, yellow, red, silver and black ones, as much as you can call any s15 'usual'. I've seen one of our members has a nice midnight purple car posted in the favorite...
  3. N

    Unresponsive throttle?

    I recently had my car (JDM Spec-R) serviced at JM Imports; the guy who did the work said that the throttle felt less responsive than other S15s they've had in. The car is totally stock at present, from 2nd gear upwards it boosts to 0.6bar but feels initially a bit unresponsive. I'd never thought...
  4. G

    15psi boost safe?

    I am looking at a 200sx, s15 spec s GT it isnt tuned, has a stock ecu chip has a Greddy Profec B-Spec 2 Boost Controller and its set to 15 psi it has all the usual mods, FMIC, Full TBE, HD clutch im just worried that its too high on the boost, that it could do damage
  5. Havoc


    Anyone got any genius or special way at removing this stuff?? Obvs been doin the usual way of heat gun and scraper.... Any help be great!
  6. N

    So i finally took delivery.... few issues to sort out though.

    Hey guys, finally took delivery of my car...But as with all second hand imports, there are always a few issues that need sorting out. First off, I have a very very erratic idle, but it keeps the idle at about 900rpm. needle doesnt really move.. but it rough. it seems in Singapore they cut...
  7. D

    uk number plate sizes

    whats the usual plate size for a rear s15 plate. want a nice neat tidy fitting size. also best size for the front thats a bit smaller than usual
  8. DeanS15

    bilt hamber auto balm (and a bit (ok a lot) of pic whoring LOL )

    i'm up at ace cafe the weekend so thought i'd give the car some new plugs, oil and filter, fuel filter and a good clean as it hasnt seen much use lately - anyway i've had a tub of bilt hamber auto balm carnauba wax sitting in the cupboard for ages and i thought i'd give it a go instead of the...
  9. armouredsnake

    Insurance Quotes

    Hi Guys, i've been reading many posts on insurance here and many of you have got quotes for under 1000 pounds at the age of 22, I'm 22 at the moment and I called round the usual adrian flux etc and was quoted at 2880 pounds for 2 NCB and no priors. :furious: Is that what im really looking...
  10. R

    New member

    Thought I'd join up and say hi instead of just lurking about :nod: I have a pearl white s15 (AUDM) with full vertex kit, usual mods and looking to set up the suspension and brakes for a bit of track work off and on. Great site... lots of info
  11. S

    WTB: Spec R badges

    some one nicked my pasenger side spec R badge from the side of the car:censored::furious: Where can i get nother one? Iv looked on the usual, but no joy!
  12. Nicely

    Perfectrun are the nuts!

    Got a small delivery from Perfectrun today :nod: It was sent on Wednesday... :eek: :nod: :notworthy: I ordered it on the 15th, however, due to the Jap public hols last week, the parts could be ordered from Nissan until Monday this week. Truly amazing effort. Five working days from order to...