1. R

    FS: NEW S15 Boot Lid. Not GRP, not NISMO, this is the original Nissan part

    Previously advertised on Ebay Genuine Nissan (not NISMO or aftermarket) Boot Lid finished in factory primer on real steel, not GRP. Excludes spoiler. Nissan Part no. H4300-85FMM. It's BNIB so completely unmarked, but the box is a bit tatty from storage. Directly imported, cost over £700 with the...
  2. J0R04N

    FS: Nissan S15 Genuine OEM Spec R Aero Bumper

    Have the above for sale. the bumper has some minor damage. The three of the clips have broken off the back which attach to the sump cover. However i do have them and they can be fitted back on. The bumper has just been repainted so it looks the tits! I am after £500 for the bumper as these are...
  3. P

    Adjustable rear Camber arms S15 £110 a pair

    Can offer these for £110 pair delivered to UK addresses. Price includes VAT and all duties VAT etc. Can also ship worldwide but need to get a quote for shipping. Delivery is in 7/10 days. They are motorsport quality and just what you need if the car is lowered and or used for track days...
  4. N

    S15 Samco Sport Rad Hose Kit Deal

    Right Guy's As you may know the S15 Radiator hoses are different to that of the S14 SR20DET. I am currently looking to order a set in and the wait on delivery is around 2-4 weeks. So if you would be interested in a set of these and prepared to wait I will be able to offer the following deal...
  5. Yakozan

    UK VAT, how much for how long?

    Am I right saying that the VAT in the UK is 15% right now? How long will it be 15%? Heard something that it will go back to 17.5% next year. Could anyone shed some light on this question?
  6. K

    Carbon Twin Plate Clutches 30% off!

    We have available the following clutches up for grabs! Brand new! Only last ones left! 30% OFF RETAIL PRICES!! S14 Carbon Twin Plate clutch ........... RRP £1375 (Our price £800 + VAT) S15 Carbon Twin Plate clutch ........... RRP £1375 (Our price £800 + VAT) Delivery £20.00 One of each left...
  7. kimi

    s15 Roll Cage

    Safety21 -7 point roll cage, Its a black finish, escape type fitment , goes round not through dash. We have one in stock ?525 inc VAT & uk Delivery:thumbs:. Give us a call on 01384216102.
  8. I

    carbon wings/spoilers

    heres some offers on carbon wings made by APR these are high quality wings and great fitment very popular,all prices are for the uk if you live in another county please pm me for a shipping quote and prices exclusive of vat if applicable APR GTC DRAG WING - ?511 price includes vat and postage...
  9. J

    UK Dealers!

    Dang - I just had a quote for a Handbrake assembly from my local Nissan Dealer. ?170 inc VAT!!! Same part from Perfect Run, 8300yen :wave: (?35.00). What's the deal with that eh?!
  10. Nicely

    Grrr! Fecking Customs

    Well, had to happen sooner or later. Just got wacked on a delivery from Perfectrun. :rant: ?26.09 VAT and..... . . . . . . ?13.50 Parcelfarce clearance fee!!??! :mad: :furious: :annoyed: :cry: