1. S


    What are the exhaust systems that people using? Any links to the videos?
  2. dave_t

    Nurburgring Trip 2013 - Videos

    Well after months of Prep work, the S15 was finally ready for the Ring trip, and what an experience it was! 5 days of car heaven. Along with a K20 EG Civic, 3 20v Turbo VW's, a Mk1 Golf, a Mk2 Golf and a Mk2 Scirocco, A Pulsar GTI-R, 106 GTI, 106 GTI TURBO (unbelievably fast), E46 M3, and 4...
  3. R

    Bov placement

    hi all, im abit miffed as to where the bov would go, iv seen multiple videos with it placed in various locations, so where is best? thanks
  4. Max

    Mighty Car Mods

    So, this is an Australian TV show? or just set of fun, informative online videos that has grown. They are really sound, plus they bought a JDM S15 and have made some pretty good mod videos around it. Here are the links to all of them on FB.
  5. J

    Sightseeing in Chiba Japan + a few from Fuji Speedway!

    I never post up pics or videos for you guys so I took the time to do just that on my last mini holiday. These are from Nokogiriyama and Fuji Speedway. Sorry for the bad quality I don't have the best camera... Enjoy- There was a bridge here at one time- Yep that's me in case you were...