1. S

    FS: Genuine Volk SE37 17"

    For sale is a set of rare genuine Rays Volk SE37 forged wheels. 2 are 17x7.5 and 2 17x8.5 Offsets are approximately et30 on the 7.5's and approximately 40 on the 8.5's they were refurbished at the start of 2018 in gloss black and have not been used since just test fitted. these are really...
  2. D

    WTB: Volk TE37's 17x9 et22 bronze

    Hey, I am looking for a set of Volk Rays in bronze 5x114.3 17x9 et22. If anyone has these or know someone who is willing to sell please let me know. I only want them in genuine broze colour though. I prefer mint condition, but a little bit of curbing is fine with me as well.
  3. E

    New Member and Owner from Ireland

    Hey there , new member from Donegal , bought my S15 in May of the previous owner who is also on this forum. I'm in love with the car! Iv no major plans as of yet , just a few minor things so far to make the car my own! recently replaced the wed rims with volk Rays ce28s which are now also for...
  4. C

    FS: Volk TE37 17x9.5 and 17x8.5 (ET32ish all around)

    Here we have my Volk TE37's for sale, they are 17x9.5 and 17x8.5 with an offset of ET35 all around (measured with the tyres on so could possibly me a mm or two either way) I bought these wheels a couple of years ago and have ran them on various cars, they have always been my 'second'...
  5. D

    FS: Volk Rays GT- C 17x9

    I'm selling my Volk wheel since they don't fit as I want them to fit. They are in pretty good condition, some slight damage but no curbing or anything. They are 2 piece rims which are partly forged. measures: 17x9 et28 and 17x9 et21 5x114.3 I am looking to get €1200,- ( £1000,- i believe ) for...
  6. C

    lowest prices on ADVAN / VOLK wheels

    :D Well guys we are loading a 40feet container next week from Japan. The box will be containing lots of wheels from the ADVAN range and some from the VOLK RAYS range. I think you will be shocked to find out we are giving these for the price of 1000 euros plus delivery to your door. Not customs...
  7. P

    Am i being optimistic or stupid?! volk GTS 18 by 11!!!

    friends going to Japan to pick up some rims for me next month i told him 18x9 +15 for the fronts 18x11 +25 for the rears(other option is +15) I wanted to go 10.5 in the rear but Volk does not offer that size, unless it is on the 19" wheels (which i dont want to go with) reason for my madness...
  8. slammedmind

    FS: 17" Volk gt-n

    Volk racing gt-n 5x114.3 front 17x8 +31 215/40/17 rear 17x9 +37 235/45/17 loads of meat on the tires, no marks on the lips. The only reason im selling them is the fronts dont fit my brakes. €1000 price includes full set of rays lightweight nuts and locknuts. contact me via pm or...