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    White S15 on A4074 near Wallingford few weeks ago, on two separate occasions

    White turbo without rear wing. Jap can tailpipe and I could hear dump or recirc noise on liftoff. I was in my green Primera GT (SR20DE) both times. First time I overtook a car the S15 overtook to follow for a bit. Now my primera is in the shed and I am driving my White Spec R, often near...
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    White S15 spotted going thou wallingford. (South Oxfordhire)

    My friend has spotted this evening 02-04-2010 at about 8 o'clock white s15 going through wallingford town centre (south oxfordshire), have heard other rumours of this going around but yet to see it personally my self, anyone on here?
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    7 July - High Octane Night

    So here it is everyone... with a lot of help from a lot of you we have made it - 7 July from 7 pm outside Tint Design ( 54 Wallingford Road, Uxbridge UB8 2RW) we have our first meet... here is the plan: we start around 7 everyone is welcome to show off their cars Power Engineering is open for...