1. H

    WTB: Front Driver/Neaside Headlight

    I know these are really hard to come by but i really need a driverside /nearside headlight. Had an accident at the weekend an really need this to get back on the road :S Can anyone help, really dont wana spend £300 on a new one from nissan!!
  2. japmadlad


    ok so my clutch is starting to slip so I'll be needing a new one. wat do u guys reccommend? don't wana go mad money and wana stay with a single plate clutch. were is best to buy?
  3. japmadlad

    price check

    anyone near a nissan dealership in the UK wana drop in and get a price for a new 6spd gearbox for the s15 spec R? Part No. 3201089f11 PM me the price please. And b4 u all say it I know nissan are stupidly expensive but I need to go through them, thanks
  4. G

    Hey, soon to be noob s15 owner:D

    Hey guy just wanted to introduce myself, i just put down my deposit on an S15 spec R, and hopefully it will be arriving in 5-8 weeks!. Its pretty standard at the moment, but that will change! Its got a A/M sports exhaust, A/M racing suspension, HKS turbo timer, and an ugly rear wing that will...