1. sniffy

    Washer pump plugs

    Anyone ever had to replace the plugs that connect to the washer pumps ? I have got a replace ment washer bottle and pumps but the plugs for them so bad on the car they cant be used and the pumps i got off another S15 did come with plugs. Just looking to see what others did ?
  2. A

    Rear wash works, front wash dead.

    So I thought I just ran out of water, so I filled it..... & nothing, turned engine off, no sound from the washer motor, thought the motor died....tried rear wash...works. What does this mean? faulty stalk?
  3. Unberivable

    sr20 crush washer

    Hey guys, When doing an engine oil change there's the crush washer to replace. Does it matter if it's the same sort when you replace it? The sr20 has that washer that is bent around the sides, but does it have to be that specific crush washer? Cheers
  4. I

    Part number request

    Can someone please give me part numbers, even better a way to download fast? S15 spec R 1999 manual 32mm Drive shaft nut S13 handbrake anchor bolt, hex nut, washer Pair needed, not sure if they are the same both sides
  5. I

    WTB: Windscreen washer PUMP

    As title I'm after a front windscreen washer pump for my S15 R, I'm sure S15 S will use the same pump but s14a pumps are different. The front screen pump is the right of the two when looking at them on the bottle. Working used pump is fine but if someone with fast can lookup the part number...
  6. UncleDan

    Washer Fluid Pump

    Does anyone know if the S14 and S15 washer fluid pumps are directly interchangeable?
  7. M

    WTB: washer bottle

    ive misplaced my windscreeen washer bottle, have the motor just anyone got one lyeing about?
  8. R

    Washer Fluid wont spray!

    Filled up the washer fluid and attempted to give the windscreen a spray and nothing. :( Got a MOT booked in on Monday and need this sorted asap. I cannot hear any pump or motor going, so I'm assuming that's the issue. hoping its as simple as a fuse. Can anyone advise on the issue?
  9. mattyjp

    nismo front diff bushes/mounts

    cant seem to find the answer anywhere as to how these nismo front diff bushes are fitted i would appreciate any advice from anyone with experience in fitting theses. The nismo diagram shows that the top hat style bush is to be pushed into the front diff mounts from underneath with the metal...
  10. Parky

    Rear washer jet removal..?

    Morning all, Guessing this falls under bodywork but apologies if this is in the wrong section. I did a quick search but couldn't find anything. I de-wipered the rear window yesterday, the motor didn't work anyway and I probably would have ended up doing it sooner or later. I used a sink hole...
  11. S

    WTB: windscreen washer jet pump

    im after the pump that attaches to the water tank. anybody got a spare??
  12. rudd-o

    WTB: Need a Windshield washer tank mount

    I need the metalic Mount of the windshied washer tank.. Mine got cracked and i need to replace it ASAP... if anyone has one and wants to sell it pm me. **The broken mount was in the top of the tank ,not in the side.
  13. R

    Balls!! Bloody Japs!

    Just getting my S15 ready for its first MOT on Monday, all was going perfect. I tested the indicators, the hazards, headlights, sidelights etc etc then moved on to the wipers... all going well so far. Tried the washer jets... nothing... not even a buzz from the tank. Upon closer inspection it...
  14. S

    WTB: Wanted S14/S15 Subframe Bush Washer

    have a look at this thread and basically I am missing the large metal washer that the nut screws over so that it compresses the subframe bush. http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?s...mp;#entry639823 I have attached a excerpt from the FSM and the washer I require is circled in red You can...
  15. D

    window washer

    hey dudes.Does any1 no where i can come across a washer bottle,pump and all the bits to go wit it in Ireland?? Bought a beut of an s15 wit a carbon fiber bonnet but no window washer.:annoyed:
  16. S

    Rear screen washer

    Hi, I dont seem to be able to get any fluid through my rear washer. Is it fed from the front? Info on how it works would help as its due for an MOT next week. Thanks, Keith
  17. P

    washer jets - where from?

    one of my washer jets recently broke, the little plastic bit of the screw section that goes into the water tube snapped off so now I need a replacement. Anyone know where I can order from? Or if there is a Nissan UK sold car that has same shape washer jets in which case i would get it faster...