1. A

    RH FR strut clunking.

    Anyone give me an idea of what is up with it, sounds like the spring is rotating with the steering. It got an advisory on the MOT for the left absorber, while it was jacked up & i was watching up top, when he put a...
  2. V

    The Apprentice!

    Anyone else watching the egotistical freak show?
  3. Fasthands

    Spare a thought

    Thought I would say we should spare a thought for the poor people in Japan. The home of our beloved S15's and other superb cars we all love. I am just watching the news and can't believe the footage.. I can't even imagine how scary it must be.
  4. D

    lu pix did you know.....

    you're famous on fithgear? lol was just watching this and thought "oh i recognise that plate" 1.12.
  5. mint

    My Japan Video..

    This will get about as off topic as you can possibly make something offtopic.. I hope you enjoy.. No big budget, no high end cameras, no scripts.. no hollywood acters.. infact, no real content. Nothing exciting happens.. nothing really worth watching to be fair. However.. it was made on a Phone...
  6. M

    Its gone.....

    Well folks thats it, the S15 has just gone, well at least provisionally as I have a deposit and the chap will be picking it up today or tomorrow, so everyone welcome Dammsy (Who is a recent member on here) to S15 ownership. :wave: I guess I should feel happy but Im not too sure at the minute...
  7. Yakozan

    Badger time :)

    If you're truly super bored, have a look at this. Think I spent like 30min watching this :wack: