1. F

    Newbie - Southern England

    Hi all, recently got myself a pewter grey spec s with a few goodies but also a few things to sort out :):wave:
  2. Jay-pan

    FS: Extremely Clean S15, one hell of a spec list.

    Too slow!!....Sold :wave:
  3. phillll

    Blue Spec R - Wirral

    Who was it then? At Spital Crossroads by the pub. Never seen one around the area before! Looked nice and we exchanged a wave. ;)
  4. I

    WTB: S15 spec S diff

    Looking for a Spec S diff, that is 4.083 final drive :wave:
  5. Packham

    New Spec R Owner From Sheffield

    Hi all, just thought I'd say hello and throw up a pic of my new S15. All seems to be good with the car except, a whirring noise which I think is the throw out baring :o So hello! :wave:
  6. A

    New S15 owner

    Ive already introduced myself before but now I bought an S15, I bought B9nko's purple S15. :wave:
  7. R


    Hello all, have been a 200sx owner since 2005, recently picked up an S15, and decided to join. :wave:
  8. Jay-pan

    Flame on....

    Exhaust heat shield?...Nahhhh be alright :wave:
  9. M

    hello from london

    hi my names mike and im looking at buying a s15 rely soon and was looking at advice on what to buy :wave:
  10. H

    Hi~ I'm just a S15 Lady Owner from Malaysia =p

    Name : Hara :wave: Gender : Female :o Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My Ride : Nissan Silvia S15 My Prince :) NICE TO MEET YOU :wave:
  11. S

    Open Event: sxoc trip to nurbergring / rock AM ring

    im going to be going :D thought i would see if any of you lot are going to wave the s15oc banner?:thumbs: http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/forumdisplay.php?f=194
  12. B

    Hi all

    Hi all my names wayne aka Boynexdoor :wave:
  13. NICKO

    WTB: Z32 maf

    Im after a Z32 air flow meter and plug for my S15 if anyone has one gimme a shout :nod: cheers guys :wave:
  14. M

    Yellow S15 - Mt Glorious, Sunday Nov 7 2010

    Was in my blue s15 on Glorious this morning and went past a sweeeet yellow s15 going the other way. He flashed his lights at me and I gave him a wave but didnt get time to see the plates. Is it someone on s15OC?
  15. C

    White s15, Wolverhampton ring road.

    I'm fairly sure it was Tom (sliding-r) but not certain. Was on the Wolverhampton ring road, tonight at 19.30. Would have given you a wave but wasn't in the 15. :wave:
  16. LuPix_S15

    JAE & S15OC Rolling Road Video

    Howdy folks :wave: Yes it's another LuVidz Production and ALL of the JAE footage was shot with my iPhone lol :D Yep there's a few bits featuring Craig which I'm sure he'll love me for putting those in hahaha :wave: Titled: JDM Life - there's 3 sections... starting with a glimpse of Gav's...
  17. Havoc


    Hello everyone! I have not yet purchased myself a S15 but iv got my eyes on a few Spec R's and are chasing them as we speak. Will probably have one within the next month so thought id sign up and say hello. :wave:
  18. R

    FS: gear knob

    have this for sale looking for a white nismo knob if anyone wants to do deal :wave:
  19. H

    FMIC battery fixing

    Hi, Just fitting my Apex Type 1 intercooler and have drilled the hole in the battery tray and swivelled the battery around but not sure on how to fix it back on again. Will I need to drill any holes to fix it in again? Thankyou :wave:
  20. slammedmind

    My accord :)

    Heres the car thats been taking up all my time and taking my attention away from my s15:o have it a few weeks now and its a nice daily....yes i know its a honda :wave: