1. Mycool

    Aston martin pearl white s15

    Have not posted pics etc on here for a long time now so i thought id post up a few - Hope you enjoy! I Went for a photoshoot with one of my mates last sunday as the weather was nice & I'm quite impressed with the out come! Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot 👍🏻 multi hosting...
  2. Lil SpecR

    Finally had the weather for a few nice shots of my Yuki <3

    Well this weekend we finally had some nice weather, so after a couple of meets I went and found one of my fav spots for a quick shoot with her whilst she was still shiny and sparkly and the weather was still sunny haha :)
  3. Jaydej

    What are you and your S15 doing today?

    it looks like its a going to be a great weather this weekend what are people doing with their S15?
  4. fez06

    epracing carbon cooling panel

    Has anyone got one of these iv bought on but the holes seem to be too small and don't just quite line up correctly don't know weather to drill the holes bigger or ring up and complain. I'm not one for complaints but it'd not a cheap part really
  5. S

    Love my S15

    Took the car out for the first time in ages today. Was so good I couldn't stop smiling. :D Weather was the best it's been in ages, raods were mostly clear with the odd puddle.
  6. I

    Installing Wind visor

    Anyone know how to install the S15 wind visor? im not sure if you take off the weather strip or to install it over it?
  7. Darren_S15

    Picked Up My S15 Yesterday :-)

    Finally collected my S15 after 2 weeks of waiting, from Jurgen at JM Imports. The car is mint and drives really well. Shame the weather was so rubbish for the 320 mile drive home yesterday. Ive not taken any photos myself yet as the weather is so bad, even though Ive just given her a wash in...
  8. Topper

    Moving to OZ

    Just been speaking to a guy at work about the poor weather, he asked why i didnt move to Australia, which got me thinking about it. Weather is nicer, you get S15's over there (:D)....... any other reasons to tempt me, as i know nothing about it really - What about propoerty values, and where to...
  9. D

    The cold weather...

    This isn't the usual "moan about the cold uk weather" style thread.... it's more happy!!! As i'm a plasterer.... freezing conditions means, i can't work cause basically.... the plaster goes like an ice sheet on the wall.... then falls off!! haha So, it does mean i've only worked 2 days this...