1. JDM_virgin

    C's shifter install guide

    Has any nice person who has one be kind enough to scan it and email it to me or post up on here as I've searched the whole web and had no luck :(
  2. Nicely

    Forum Downtime

    Apologies for the latest spell of downtime :( I again am having my annual fallout with our web host, this time over apparent high utilisation of our shared web server. Instead of informing me of this and allowing me a period to do something about it, they suspended the entire account, thus...
  3. Nicely


    Apologies to all for the day of darkness. Entirely due to our web host fooking up a domain renewal and erroneously suspending the hosting. And then taking an entire day to respond to the critical ticket I'd raised! FOOKERS! I've been a customer with them over ten years, but I now find myself...
  4. oilman

    Opie Oils New Web Site Launch - Feedback Please

    Say Hello to Opie Oil's New Web Site The team at Opie Oils is pleased to announce the launch of their new web site. We hope you are pleased with how it has turned out. Our developers have been working hard to create the new site, and along the way added lots of new features. As there are far...
  5. T

    WTB: doors wind deflectors

    hi guys can someone help me after wind deflectors 4 s15 new. web add, part number :)
  6. J

    i want import s15

    hello i wanna import s15 type s from japan. wt you guys reckon?? anyone look this web site?? www.tradecarview.com thank you very much!!
  7. D

    anybody know any jap breakers.?

    hey anybody know any jap breakers yards around dublin area or on the web.?
  8. Darren_S15

    Locking wheel nuts

    I have no idea which locking wheel nuts I need for an S15. Can someone point me in the direction of a fairly decent set of them. Maybe McGuard ones or something... Web link would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot, Darren
  9. C

    When will the D1 be on Silverstone this year?

    Been looking around on the web looking for the date for the D1GP in UK this year but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know when it is?
  10. Nicely

    Web host network issues

    You may have notice intermittent connection to the forum over the past 6 hours or more. This is down to our web host suffering network issues. They are currently working on stabilising the situation. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  11. E

    Body Kit and Tuning Parts in Leicestershire

    Hi all, :wave: We are a company based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. We can supply all sort of body kit, Carbon Fiber Product, drifting parts and Tuning Parts. :) Engine Power Racing Dovecote Unit Dishley Grange Farm Derby Road Loughborough LE11 5SF UK Tel: 01509 844300 Web Site...
  12. sushiming


    hey guys been talking to kimi about some discount as she works for coordsport Limited she has talk to the companie and managed to sort us out with 10% discount heres there web addy www.coordsport.com 01384 216102 ask for Gavin web site will show mainly mitis parts as we used to specialise in...