1. S

    FS: Mongoose Exhaust Cat Back

    Hi all, It's been a while I know. Unfortunately the s15 has been gone a while now and i am clearing out my old parts. I have for sale my old Mongoose cat back exhaust system. This exhaust is still in great condition and the fit was almost perfect when fitted up to the OEM cat. The exhaust gave...
  2. L

    more power?

    hey guys how can i get the ultimate power out of my autech s15? it already has a kakimoto exhaust, hks pod filter, hks coilovers, hks radius rods , hks earthing kit, light weight bonnet, ssk light weight rims and a full body kit. is there anything i can do to it to make it hammer real hard like...
  3. Curryzz

    Engine torque damper

    Just a quick one, as my engine is out iv decided to get a couple parts reprayed to tidy things up, strut brace ends etc, I was wondering as I have a cheepy ETD wondered how to check if it works ok? I put all my weight on it to see if it moved but it doesn't budge, I realise it's got to be hard...
  4. seilow

    front and rear axle max weight

    hi there someone know the max weight on the front axle and the rear axle ?
  5. S

    Cross weight balancing

    I'm thinking of bringing my ride for cross weight balancing soon, any of you guys have done that? If so, how is the improvement in dynamic stability? I resisted till not cause it will make the all the gaps between the wheel arch and wheel different........
  6. 1

    Corner weighting

    AM going for corner weight my silvia. Does anyone know what is the OEM front rear weight distribution? 60:40 ?
  7. D

    another 57pro question

    I am thinking of purchasing a set of gramlight 57pros in 17x8 and 17x9, but i'd like to know how they compare in weight to the stock rims on an ADM S15?
  8. S

    nuts weight

    Who can explain the differenece between moving weight and stationary weights? Nuts, rims, tyres, hubs and etc are considered to be moving weight(I think there is a specific name for it) Anyway for example, wheel weighs 16kg with tyres but if compared, its value is much more than what it should...
  9. Yakozan

    How much does your S15 weight?

    Just wondering how much the average S15 weights. Nissan Japan states 1240kg (or was it 1260) for a Spec-R S15. My car was 1360kg when I registered it here in Sweden. That is calculated with all fluids in the car and a 70kg driver is added. How many of you have the weight of your cars? Would be...
  10. J

    Weight of Standard S15 rim.

    Anyone know what's the weight of a standard S15 rim? thanks