1. oilman

    J-B Weld at Opie Oils for as little as £4.88

    J-B Weld has been the market leader in epoxy resins, adhesives, thread lockers and specialist products for over 40 years. J-B Weld has built up a loyal following of customers who have all shared the same experience after using any J-B Weld product . J-B Weld is a staple of every repair...
  2. dave_t

    FS: Genuine WELD Japan ABS Heat Shield - S14/S15 Fitment

    Item For Sale: Genuine WELD Japan ABS Heat Shield - S14/S15 Fitment (May Fit S13?) Description: Very Rare Item. Bought from a fellow S15OC member who had fitted it - but broke his car before the build was complete - so it never saw any road miles- the blue protective film is still present. Few...
  3. N80Jamie

    Titanium exhaust - work needed

    I'm looking to get hold of a contact that could possibly rectify my issue with a titanium exhaust. The baffle inside the centre silencer has come loose and is subsequently rattling. I presume the only way of getting rid of this is to cut it open, remove the baffle and weld back together... Can...
  4. S

    FS: Weld ABS heat shield for S14/S15

    I am changing my plans for heat shielding due my installation set up so I have for sale a Weld japan ABS heat shield for S14/S15. I a very nice bit of kit. http://translate.google.co.uk/transl...00%26bih%3D754 its new un-used... it was trail fitted and that's it. SOLD
  5. Nissan_S15

    FS: S14/S15 Tomei Expreme Ti Exhaust system. Needs re-welding!

    Hey guys, I have another Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust system for sale, which intially cost just over £1000. Unfortunately its developed a crack again on one of the welds and split down the weld. I believe it can be re-welded by the right person. It is such an awsome sounding exhaust ;) Therefore...
  6. N80Jamie

    Fmic fitment help

    I know a number of people have had problems with fitting the Japspeed style intercooler kits and now I'm one of them! Having problems with the cold pipe (pictured below); the thicker breather pipe is pointing directly downwards onto the fan cover. I've been told by a friend that the best job is...
  7. S

    Any decent welders out there?

    Well, my exhaust manifold has a pretty extreme crack that needs repair. Pretty much the bit that holds the external wastegate has nearly broken off. Anyone able to weld a stainless steel manifold? I'll post up some pics when I get home. It's pretty bad.....:cry:
  8. M

    harness fitting

    any body got harnesses fitted in there 15 without a roll cage where did you fit your rear aye bolts to. im going to be using weld in i bolt plates but im unsure where to fit them
  9. N

    Welding stock LSD?

    Has anyone had their stock LSD welded up and gone drifting? I've been advised theres a chance of it breaking due to not having much cog surface to weld to, is it possible to open up to get more weld in there? I need to get this sorted ASAP as the diff is out and i'm going to Santa Pod on...
  10. andeep

    S15 Rear subframe

    If anyone has dropped they're subframe off their car, could you take a few photos of it? The S15 rear subframe has more bracing than the S14s, so I want to weld some extra bits onto my S14. Photos will be much appreciated! :thumbs:
  11. I

    Gearbox self destructed for Christmas - thanks Santa. Sound like circlip failure?

    I'm 100% sure my 3rd / 4th gear circlip has let go. There is talk some people weld the gear in place vs regrooving and fitting a larger circlip. Has anyone had experience with either method?
  12. crazymat666

    hks ssqv 2 fitting :S

    i just recently got a hks ssqv 2 off ebay new with fittings. but i have a hard pipe kit on the car with no current dump valve. the hard pipe is 75mm but i rang hks and they have a weld on flange for the bov and me and my mate thought this would be the better option as they dont do a t peice big...
  13. T

    Metal work around wheel arches

    Just wondering has anyone done metal work around the guard? like flaring it, instead of using a roller but actually weld it up? If you do, please post some pic, just want to get some idea, thanks
  14. DeanS15

    plx wideband afr meter

    hey guys, after asking around about afr gauges a trusted mechanic i know of recommended plx, an american company as he has used them before in fto's, gtos and evos and they work very well. the full kit includes the gauge, sensor module and bosch sensor with wiring harness and would require an...
  15. S.K

    Roll Cage