1. Lil SpecR

    Exhaust gasket blown - change manifold? ... ?

    Hi all! Blew my exhaust manifold this weekend! First time I have had to fix something on this car, looks like the manifold will be all coming off, made a start last night... So the question is, whilst the manifold is off - do I replace that as well? Car is currently stock - BUT, she was bought...
  2. S

    Sliver S15 Ricardo - Shoreham Technical Centre

    Saw a rather nice looking Sliver S15 driving out of the car park around 4:30pm ish whilst I was waiting in reception had to stop my conversation to have a proper look :) looked sweet.
  3. Lil SpecR

    Dark blue going thro Stockton Brook last night (Stoke)

    Took the lad to see his first fireworks last night and being a tight ass was stood on the bridge, we were car spotting whilst we waited for it to start, and you came past sounding verrrry nice ;)
  4. 2

    Hello to all

    Hi all I may be looking for an S15 soon Currently looking after one whilst my mates on holiday
  5. C

    Parts To Fit Whilst Gearbox Is Off?

    Much like the title says, I've got a new clutch and flywheel on the way, so i was wondering what sort of extra parts should I fit whilst the gearbox is off. I'm meaning things such as an uprated pivot, braided clutch line. I've already got a nismo 'box mount, what else have I overlooked that...
  6. Sparky

    Road trip to Ireland

    I shall be taking a few days holiday in Ireland from tomorrow, Sat 25th. Am travelling across country to just past Galway for a couple of days, then down to Cork. I am aware there are other members in Ireland so shall be keeping an eye out for other S15's whilst there. I will be in my black Spec...
  7. S

    FS: S15 drivers seat with rail.

    Selling this to acquire the funds to replace the passenger with a bucket. This is in very good condition, currently a tad dusty as its in storage but I will give it a wipe over. From a 30k car (it had done less when it was removed) These are a lovely looking upgrade which keep you nicely...
  8. ryd11r

    Meet: Sydney meet October

    Think an S15oc Sydney meet is in order?
  9. S15_SAM

    Southampton, White s15, burgess road/hill road junction.

    I saw 2 s15's yesterday and today. One was sliding r today, and yesterday I saw a T plate White one whilst I was in southampton, I was in my friends flat and looked out the window and saw it driving on hill road. Mine was parked in the men's club car park whilst I was getting drunk! Was very nice.
  10. D

    valve stem seals

    Right, well, my head is comin' off soon, so i figured, whilst it's off..... i'm gonna change the valve stem seals just for peace of mine whilst it's off havin' a little "tidy". ;) So, was lookin' at fast, the part numbers are the same as S14 ones.... but, there's 2 different numbers for each...
  11. P

    New member

    Well i've been on here for a little while now and whilst being here i've had alot of help. Everyone is spot on and my s15 is on its way, so now im a contributing member. Just want to say thanks to everyone for help etc :thumbs:
  12. moomin

    average age of a S15 owner????

    hey all, random time now!!! whilst at a friends house last night, whilst watching in awe at the bravery of porting his own RX-7, (check out SXOC - non 200sx motoring for a full strip down/rebuild of a rx-7 with ????? of mods going in, witrh pics, VERY INTERESTING!!!!!!) anyway, we started...
  13. D

    new alarm fitted today! :D

    Well, i did have a lazerline.... and to say the least GASH! didn't want one really.... but needed a cat' 1 for the insurance. and the lazerline was "cheap"..... 2 reasons why it was being changed, it kept going off when i parked on the other side of the road! *puzzled* then eventually decided a...