1. L

    Best anti roll bars?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be getting new arb's this month and would just like to some advice on which brand to get? I've got a few cusco parts on now so I'm leaning towards those just so they match but are the whiteline or other brands better? Also which brand drop links are best? Thanks, Leo...
  2. W

    FS: Whiteline arb, hid headlight, hks, greddy,apexi

    Brand new front adjustable whiteline arb, few marks from being in the shed and whiteline sticker is starting to peel. £80 posted Spec r subframe brace, has some surface rust but over all tidy. £45 posted
  3. T

    Anti roll bars

    Hi guys, I am in pretty desperate need for some uprated anti roll bars for my s15. I just want to know if s14 and s15 are the same, so for instance i can order a whiteline or godspeed s14 arb and it will fit my s15. Next thing i need to know is there anywhere that stocks arb's? I dont mind...
  4. LuPix_S15

    Anti-Roll Bars Question

    Ok - think I desperately need some ARB's to stiffen up the chassis and body roll when drifting at higher speeds etc... Is Whiteline the only brand people would recommend? TBH I'm not keen on their prices which seem to be around £170 or thereabouts just for the front set :wack: Also, should...
  5. E

    Nissan 200SX S15 Whiteline Sway Bar Kit *Group Buy*

    We have just been chating to Whiteline regarding to their swaybar kit and we have come in terms of a deal to make it cheaper for the S15 owners. the RRP for th kit is currently sell at £289 and if we can get 10 sets we will have 10% discount on it that is £260. please check the information in my...
  6. B

    FS: ** SOLD ** Whiteline Locking Collars

    I'm selling a new and unused Whiteline locking Collars set Price ?40 + P&P or buyer to collect
  7. S

    Some s15 drift questions

    What cluthc is best for drifting? Nismo coppermix or ORC? and witch one of those again, for around 400bhp What kind of spark pluggs is best? Denso iridium ik 24 or ngk? Uppgrade to bigger oilpan? witch one is good? Anti roll bars, whiteline or nismo? where to buy from japan? I know i...
  8. B

    Whiteline ARB's

    Does anybody know if the Whiteline S15 front and rear adjustable ARB's are the same as the S14/a? Thanks B17DUF
  9. Nicely

    FS: Whiteline Rear Sub-Frame Align & Lock Kit

    SOLD I've got a completely new unfitted Whiteline sub-frame lock kit (KCA349). Decided to go for the solid collars. Also commonly known as Pineapple Rings for some reason... :p This kit comes with fitting instructions and collar grease. Will tighten up the back end like you won't believe :)...
  10. Nicely

    Whiteline Suspension Alignment

    Whiteline's alignment sheet for the S15 has now been removed from their web site. As many people use this as a setup guideline, I have provided the details here. Many thanks to Whiteline for forwarding the details to me :)
  11. Yakozan

    Article: Real handling for your 200SX S15 by Whiteline

    http://www.whiteline.com.au/articles/H4s_90_RHS15_1.htm A good article about the S15 handling and upgrades from Whiteline. A pretty old article though which you might already have read.
  12. Nicely

    Whiteline Anti-roll/sway bar group buy

    Can I draw your attention to a limited period Whiteline roll/sway bar GB being offered by Apex Performance until the 25th May. :) http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=215740
  13. sushiming

    Anti Roll bars white ones??

    hey guys I wanna get some anti roll bars but duno which ones are good for the price... I think I remember nicely got the whiteline ones...how much do they cost?? do they come with al fittings?? do S14 ones fit? thanks