1. A

    Where is the Wiper Amp located?? help with wipers :(

    well im having a ball of misfortune with the car the last few months. last time i knew the wipers where working was 2 months ago the car has been parked est then. now i noticed the wipers will only work at the hightest speed setting and they will not return to the bottom of the window when you...
  2. P

    windscreen wiper size?

    hi guys, im desperately in need of new wipers and while im at it i was gonna go for the aero jobbies. just wondering what size the front wipers are on a jdm s15. any help would be great Phil
  3. Trial_S15

    How To: Removing Scuttle panel & Window wipers for painting

    I had been meaning to do this for months after seeing the results C1TPT got doing his and figured I'd take some pics and do a very simple how to... Step 1: Remove the covers on the window wipers and undo the 14mm bolt, the wipers may be a bit reluctant but should come off with a little gently...
  4. kimi

    PIAA wipers and bulbs

    We can do some great deals on these if we can get enough people interested. Put your names down here http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?t=273