1. SlidewayzS15

    More tail light madness (Dmax tails LED)

    I'm still new to the S15 world but I had a question about your tail lights. It seems like my lights are wired to turn on when the key is turned to accessories, I've noticed that they turn on and was wondering if all yours were wired the same way? I'm having trouble with my Dmax LED tail...
  2. S15AK

    Spark Problem help please..

    Hi Guys, I think i've got a spark problem.. I have splitfire coilpacks on the S15, and I think one of them is faulty, as its looks like its been patched up in the past (had them all out), the rubber has been ripped at some point and silconed back up. I've tried changing the plugs to a...
  3. S

    Boost gauge not wired.

    Just after taking off the pod, and its not wired to anything, just wondering where would i get the parts to install it?? Its just the standard s15 boost gauge. Cheers.
  4. craig_m

    FS: blitz dcii gauges

    i bought these not to long ago, but the car i got has all the gauges i need so these have to go :( they are in good condition,come with instruction manual that i have printed off. they look like they migt need abit of re-wiring but i haven't wired them up so wouldn't know. but the insurction...
  5. Y

    Turbo timer

    Have a turbotimer in my car, its wired up and think its done rite. but it doesnt work any more the guy i bought the car off said it used to, but i wouldnt trust the guy. its made by razo (carmate) when i turn off the car the screen flashes thats about the height of it:down: anyone have any...
  6. S

    Removing Headlight bulb help please

    Okay okay....this is SUCH a noob question, but it must be asked....I got an s13.5, and the wiring is WAY different then a typical s15. My problem is that as im driving, my passenger side headlamp went out...not the WHOLE lamp..the main bulb. The "parking" is still on, but not the "main" one. I...