1. pegliobaglio

    FS: Oem seats

    Standard s15 seats with airbags in good condition ( but dirty in the pics as being stored in my workshop) £180
  2. K

    Find used bodyparts in Europe

    Hi, I have a question to somebody that maybe could help me a little bit. I have unfortunately got hit by a Toyota Supra in the front and I need parts ASAP and here in Sweden its impossible to find any used parts. Is there any chance to find something out in Europe? I want it to go as quickly as...
  3. J

    Detailing Jem - Marmite MR2 Turbo, but lots of power!

    The owner of this MR-2 originally booked me over two years ago, but had to postpone a good few times as the car was having lots of engine work done which took a lot longer than he expected. It's now making 315bhp at the wheels :) So finally after two years of languishing in a workshop we set...
  4. S

    FS: Free interior bits before they get thrown away!

    As title, been clearing the workshop out and have these left over, had a pretty crazy custom cage in my car now so they couldn't go back in even if I wanted them too, I'll give it a week or two then they'll get thrown don't mind hanging onto bits if people want them but can't get them right...
  5. M

    My 2 s15's + new workshop

    Hi all, Just wanted to show you all my new workshop for my cars and my new s15 what is going te be my new project. Going to be some really nice specs (1000+hp) :D On this moment we're working hard to make it shiny and porn like hell :p From the starting: And actual including the cars...
  6. P

    Work incident

    Basically at my last place of work i was working on a car and needed to put some rubber gloves on so i went to the parts counter and put them on. Problem was one of my fingers wouldn't fit in cos something was inside so i took it off and shook it. Pic below shows what it was i nearly s**t myself...