1. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Aluminium Hot pipe

    As in the title, not worried about brand.
  2. R

    made my s15 dream a reality! very happy right now :)

    So I just picked up my first s15 today! Its a 2002 Spec R GT in Pewter grey/silver. All stock apart from a turbo back exhaust, 135xxxks. Happy as :) I have wanted one for the past 10 years!! And during those 10 years until now (nearing the end of my probationary license) all I have been doing...
  3. M

    WTB: Coilovers. Anything??? Not worried what

    Any one have a set or even any odd ones that are in working order?
  4. mint

    Anyone else a bit.. worried?

    lol i know this isnt a topic thats liked spoken about on the OC however i feel like bringing it up, as im not that worried. s15's are dropping in price.. big time! Only just the other day i found one for around 8grand OTR. Couldnt believe it. s14's are going way way up and s15's are becoming...
  5. J

    Timer or no timer? That is the question!

    I'm worried that I'll bake my turbo if I don't let the car run-on after I've driven anywhere. So I have some questions... Firstly, should I be worried? When should I let the engine run on? after short runs, long runs, hard runs, soft runs? What are 'the rules'? How long should I let it run...