1. Max Skutch


    I'm Max from Norflok. I'm the keeper of a very special S15 that belong to a very dear friend and a memder of this club. I will post a full write up in members rides soon.
  2. T

    Posting on forum from mobile

    Hi guys, I've got a HTC Desire HD and am unable to post threads, send PM's or reply's on the forum, I can view it fine but am unable to write text at all. Any help appreciated. Tom
  3. J

    Nice to meet you all

    Hey Everyone :wave: My name is Matt and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I own a 1999 S15 Silvia that has a endless list of mods and seems to just keep adding to it non stop haha. Click on the link below to the Members Ride section where I have a full write up of it...
  4. rudd-o

    Clutch Disk Replacement

    Hello guys I need your help for choosing a Clutch set. I found an ACT NS1-XTR6 in a good price but i was wondering if someone has any experience with that item,. http://www.frsport.com/ACT-NS1-XTR6-6-Puck-Unsprung-Xtreme-Clutch-Kit-89-98-SR20DET_p_15134.html So if anyone knows something...
  5. Y

    WTB: Wanted S15 shell or whole car, could be damaged

    Wanted S15 Shell Spec S or R, or whole car, could be with mods... Also could damaged, engine blown, acidend damage or etc. Location everyhere in the world. all offers will be considered. Offers pm or e - mail: yo_yoS14@yahoo.com or phone: +37060459830, P.S. please write detail spec of the car...
  6. S

    Gear box and engine mount

    How do I change them? Is there any write up? Or is it too simple? What needs to be taken off?
  7. K

    Knight-Racer - Official Tein Dealer

    As title! We can order any TEIN products to forum member at Knight-Racer prices. From suspension overhaul service to ordering Mr.Dampachi (Photo) So write down what you want and we will try our best to keep all members happy! Best Regards Albert
  8. A

    Post pics of your Rims!

    Hey, I'm interrested to se what kind of rims people here at the forum have on theirs S15! Post a pic and write what kind of rims it is with the offset++