1. jjsk

    wheel arch flares s15

    does any1 know wher i can get wheel arch flares,stick on bits for s15.tink i seen c west 1s.even if there is only 1s for the rear,part numbers wud help too,thanks :nod:
  2. J

    organising an s15oc track day @ mondello???

    wud anyone be up for this??what date wud suit ye??how many names wud we need to organise the track day??
  3. R

    Pixle Car's

    Dose anyone know how to get pixle cars made up? I want one for my profile :thumbs: If anyone cud help please do wud appreciate it very much :thumbs:
  4. japmadlad

    decat pipe

    As above I'm looking for a decat pipe for the S15. I hear that the S14 has a different length pipe so I wud need more of the exhaust if I bought 1 of them. I want 1 that will bolt straight on. Or if sum 1 in ireland can make me 1 up cheap that wud work fine.
  5. S

    wer 2 start ?!?!?

    hey all, i hav a stock 99 spec s nd want 2 know ur opinion on wer 2 start modifyn was gona get a powerflow exhaust but read in another thread tat it wud only slow it down:( ?? wud b very greatful for some ideas ?? thanks:thumbs:
  6. E

    How much for an S15 ?????

    New to the S15 scene I am wondering how much I wud have 2 pay for a real clean S15 ?? I've had a brief look around this site and it seem's there r a few different variants. Wud appreciate being brought up2 speed on this please !! Were they ever a UK model ? R the JDM versions better ? Cheers :D