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    'Hawks' S15 R

    These are better pics of my new car :) Specs/Additions: Japspeed Exhaust HKS Dump Valve HKS Indution Kit DRS Rev Counter SSR Prof's 17inch Coilovers that i dont know much about and looking to change. Also have a future pic! I intend to get the Work Emotional XD9s in the pic, not sure what...
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    Picture Request

    I didnt know whether to put this here or in the gallery section :confused: so could a mod move it if its in the wrong place please. Hi guys, Does anyone have any pictures of an s15 in pewter with white wheels. I'm seriously considering buying the xd9's :cool: in the for sale section but am...
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    FS: Brand New 17" Work XD9's

    Some of you may know that i bought these just two weeks ago and they stick out on the front by approximately 1.5cm. Well I decided against running camber so im just going to order myself two more that sit further in. They sit perfectly on the rear so if anyone is after 17" Work XD9s now or in...