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2 questions....

15 May 2022
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Hi guys, sorry in advance for 2 rambling questions...(S15 Spec R 1999)

1 - Theres a really annoying rattling noise coming from the back passenger side wheel. It sounds like an external superficial rattle (metal on metal) which can only be heard when the window is down at slow speeds over any kind of bump or rough road surface (which in Edinburgh is pretty much all roads). It goes away completely when i press the brake down gently a quarter of the way. Ive been all over the wheel and brakes and nothing is loose at all. Is it inside the caliper? It doesnt have the pins (the small 6mm ones ive seen people talking about in relation to this problem).

2 - Occasionally, the car struggles to start. A great example is this - i start the car, wait 5 mins to get warm then head to the shops - 5-10 minute drive. I buy something then get back in and sometimes it really struggles to start or wont start at all first time. It will second time but it sounds like it struggles. Theres almost like a cough noise as it tries but it sounds like it cant be bothered lol! And when it fails to start i hear a 'tsssss' noise like air deflating from something. Its hard to describe. Anyway when it does fire up it sounds like a brief struggle went on and then the engine kicks in fine with no noise or struggles. Car always sounds good when in motion and turbo kicks in nicely when needed. Could it be linked with the immobiliser? or is this a case of me doing something wrong? it had a replacement alternator in about 2018 and seems to have been well taken care of. Battery also looks new. Worth mentioning that every time i start the car cold in the morning it fires up nicely and sounds good.

Any help comments appreciated!! Im not mechanically knowledgeable - i have this car for the love of it looks (and year of manufacture - the golden 90's!)