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Finland joins the chat.

17 April 2021
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Hello everyone

After a few years of browsing the forum, and i’ve so far been very succesful of finding the information i’ve needed i’ve finally decided to join the forum.

In 2016 i found a mint JDM S15 Yashio factory widebody Spec S for sale in Finland, so i made the call and managed to get it.

Novadays the car has gone trough a few changes, not limited to but including a SR20DET, FMIC, VAG-Coils, GT2871R-Garrett, 700cc injectors and a matching fuel pump from AEM and a MaxxECU Race, Bc-Racing V1 Coilovers... etc.

The car is my pride and joy and after a while of working on it it feels so good to have it on the road again, especially now that the driving season in Finland is starting again.

The car also has a few rarer things on it, it has factory HID-headlights, it has an Calsonic Nismo Spec-Pro CatBack, and i haven’t seen alot of factory aero wings either. 🤔

I already have a lot of questions for other forum members to crack on and i might have some knowledge also that might prove useful for someone else.