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For Sale, Wanted, Trade Forum Rules - *** READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ***

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12 December 2006
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1.The Silvia Owners Club is in no way responsible for non receipt of any transaction that you have with a seller for goods or wanted items YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

2. Silvia Owners Club and people associated with running/helping will not get involved with transaction that go wrong for whatever reason.

3. If you are a trader please refer to the following thread: /discuss/threads/trade-company-forum-users.7321/

4. The sale of illegally copied goods i.e. software is NOT ALLOWED. Any thread of this nature will be deleted and the thread starter will be cautioned and if necessary banned from the Silvia Owners Club bulletin board.

5. Any stolen goods found to be for sale on the BB will result in banning of the seller from the BB.

6. Group buys and ventures will be offered with the permission of the Silvia Owners Club admin team only.

7. Please only list items that are for sale. Any threads 'Gauging Interest' or 'Possibly For Sale' will be deleted.

8. It is already a stipulation of the Forum Rules that all items for sale MUST have a price. 'Make an offer' threads are not acceptable. If you do not know what the item is worth or how much you would like please place the item on eBay.

9. Sellers, please make sure you are able to dispatch sold items within a reasonable time-scale to be agreed with the buyer, in the event of a transaction not being completed, though we will not get directly involved in any dispute, we will pass any details of the seller held by us onto the buyer and if necessary the police, posting a for sale thread will be taken as an agreement to this.

10. Sellers, ensure you maintain a good level of communication with the buyer(s). If you anticipate any delays or problems with the sale, KEEP THE BUYER INFORMED. Disputes frequently occur when, for example, the buyer pays for an item but the seller goes on holiday for a week or two before dispatching the item(s) and doesn't bother to let the buyer know this.

11. The Silvia Owners Club reserve the right to remove access to the for sale sections and/or the BB itself of anyone not complying with the for sale section rules.

12. The selling of animals including dogs, cats, reptiles and fish is prohibited. However if you are looking for a home for an animal that is allowed as long as no money changes hands.

13. The Silvia Owners Club reserves the right to remove any item from the For Sale forums if it might be deemed morally or legally inappropriate e.g. Counterfeit goods, Alcohol, Weapons etc.

14. You must have a reasonable amount of posts to sell items in the for sale section. People who join to sell their parts and / or cars without being an active member on the forums will have their thread deleted. This will be at the Admins discretion including the amount of posts required. Making nonsense posts to get your post count up so you can sell your items does not make you an active member. There will be no discussion if your thread has been deleted.


1. Make sure you get as many contacts details as possible from the seller.

2. Keep all details whether they are e-mails or private messages, they can be used against someone should the deal go wrong e.g. not sending out goods/money.

3. Please be clear about what you are selling and where you are located. Also, if you do not plan to return here for a while, make sure you enable email or leave a phone number so that people can get back to you.

4. When people are selling goods can you only reply to them if your comments are relevant. No spamming please. No hijacking.

5. If an item is sold and you would like the advert to be removed please contact a member of the admin team.

6. If you spot something you like in the "For Sale" section it's a good idea to post in the thread, and then send a PM. If it's a case of first come, first served, there can therefore be no dispute as to who has requested the part first.

7. When paying, make sure you are not using an irreversible method such as Bank Transfer or PayPal Family & Friends. Pay with a safe method and pay the fees where necessary in order to protect your transaction.


Silvia Owners Club Admin Team.
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