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Hello from Vancouver, BC, Canada

31 January 2018
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I have a 2002 S15 Spec R Aero Kit with 138k km. I have owned it since 2018 when i imported it from Japan.
My car is pretty stock except for the Nismo muffler and Nismo suspension. I haven't done anythign to the car since i bought it. I barely drove it much. I recently moved to Vancouver, BC from Saskatchewan. My car is not inspected in BC yet. I am not sure where to take it to for the Out of Province Inspection. Is there anyone in this club that also lives in the Vancouver area and know a shop where I can go to for this inspection? I called a shop near my house today and the mechanic said i needed to have DOT approved headlights, tailights, windows, tires, etc. My car doesn't have any of this...I am hoping that I don't have to replace them all. Especially since my car was inspected in Saskatchewan and passed without an issue. But then again, I know that BC's requirements are very picky and differ from Saskatchewan.

If there is anyone in this club that can suggest me their mechanic for the Out of Province Inspection, that will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance. Very happy to join this club and hope to meet you all soon.