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Hiya from Down Under

8 April 2021
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Melbourne, Australia
I have an untouched S15 purchased new in 2002 but that's about to change. I don't intend to race, drift or show the car, but just want a really nice ride that looks pretty special.
Outside I'm thinking a widebody aero kit with some nice wheels. I want a super clean look, so not too radical. Currently the Yashio Factory Gulf Full Aero Kit is appealing. Under the bonnet I'd like as much as I can get from the existing engine while staying tractable, easy to drive, and super reliable. Some mods to make it handle even better would complete the picture. That said, I don't want to be worrying about speed humps, tyres rubbing or suspension bottoming. Ultimately I'm after something that has a really special but clean look and drives easily. Oh, and it must go like the clappers!
Inside, the original seat springs are stuffed so would like to replace them with something that looks good, is adjustable and comfortable over the long haul. The top of the dash cowling is badly stained so a replacement/covering is in order there. Am dithering about a carbon fibre replacement but think it may be over the top or too shiny.
I'm new to the customisation game and intend to outsource all of the works, so will be looking for heaps of advice and asking lots of dumb questions.
That's where y'all come in.
Not really Kostya, but Kevin.