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see u in wangan at 3 AM

10 May 2022
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hi from galicia in the northwest of spain! crazy roads, akina style, i bought a s14 zenki 3 months ago and im putting all my money and power for her! completely stock, any basic mods are welcome, the car now have intake filter, tubular exhaust, 2"5 straight pipe from the elbow, no egr, no bov, only problem is the seals in the turbo, so much smoke at iddle since i put the exhaust, while im driving everything smooth and perfect, oil level in the same level, no leaks, i read something about one way valve in the recirculation oil hose, before the turbo, when the pcv valve at iddle take all pressure and the one way valve dont work, when the car is on the way and pcv dont work the one way valve open and take the vapors, i suppose for no burn oil vapor before de turbo at iddle and less smoke, did you hear something about that! i will buy a turbo, it will be something temporal!

thanks and good nights driving !