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Zoda: [Series 3] 1996 180sx Type X

15 September 2020
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Hello everyone,

I joined the site a few years ago and was working towards importing a 180sx from Japan. Last year in May, I was able to win one at auction and it arrived at the end of August. It's completely stock aside from a Momo steering wheel and Kenwood radio. It only had one previous owner and is currently at 109k km. My plans are to keep it mostly stock, just give it a nice refresh and replace some old parts. So far, it has been reasonably easy to find parts for it online and through my local Nissan dealership.

I have decent mechanical and electrical knowledge, so I try to do most of the maintenance myself. In order to register my 180sx and get a license plate, I just had to pass an Out-of-Province inspection. I work at a car dealership, so I asked one of the technicians to do the inspection. The only thing I had to do to my car to pass was add daytime-running lights, a requirement in Alberta/Canada. I found a decent relay at Canadian Tire and and crimped everything together. I connected the ignition wire of the relay to to the fuel pump circuit with a fuse tap, as the fuel pump primes when the ignition is turned on. I connected the power wire of the relay with a fuse tap to the fog-light circuit that already exists and is being unused, as my 180sx doesn't have the fog-light option. I used the park lamp lights in the front bumper as my day-time running lights; I purchased new connectors so I didn't have to alter the existing wiring harness. After I passed the inspection I also changed the battery, most of the fluids and filters, and some other parts.

I stored it away for the winter and am planning to start driving it again next month. My future plans for it are to replace the crusty old speakers and put in a better radio. Please let me know if you have any S13 questions, I'll try to help out. Thanks for your time. :)