Useful links for Owners

Useful Links for Potential and Current Owners

Please find below our careful selection of important and useful threads and information regarding the ownership of different models of Silvias.

Thinking of buying an S15?

  1. Forum Post - Link 1
  2. Buyers guide for Japanese Imports
  3. Yakozan's import story
  4. Import advice
  5. What band of UK road tax does the S15 fall under?

Technical Specifications

  1. Comprehensive spec list
  2. Nissan Japan's Silvia site (01/1999-05/2001)
  3. Nissan Japan's Silvia site (05/2001-01/2002)
  4. Nissan Japan's Silvia site (01/2002-08/2002)
  5. Nissan Silvia NZ
  6. S15 Accessories
  7. S15 colours, codes and trims
  8. Nissan FAST parts catalogue (Premium Members only)
  9. Chassis number model years
  10. Have I got a T28BB or T28 turbo?

Buying Parts

  1. Nissan OEM Parts Suppliers (Japan)
  2. Performance Parts Suppliers (Japan)
  3. Discount Spark Plugs (UK)


  1. Recommended Insurance Companies
  2. Thread listing what other users have paid

Service & Owner's Manuals, Service Sheets, Brochures

  1. S15 Service Manual (25MB)
  2. S15 Owner's Manual (12.5MB)
  3. Nissan Service Sheet (lower mileage) (391KB)
  4. Nissan Service Sheet (higher mileage) (556KB)
  5. Servicing info (oils, quantities, sparks, etc.)
  6. Instruction Manuals
  7. S15 Brochure (601KB)


  1. Injector selector. Calculate what size injectors you should be using for the power you're running
  2. S15 Consult plug location and how to preform fault code checks
  3. Boosting too high?
  4. Fitting an Apexi Power Intake induction kit
  5. Spark plug diagnosis
  6. OEM Recirc valve fix
  7. Mods you need for different power outputs
  8. How to fit new injectors
  9. Auxiliary belts tensioning guide
  10. Engine hose size guide


  1. Whiteline's wheel alignment settings
  2. Fitting subframe locking collars
  3. So, which alignment bits do what? (post 6)
  4. Fitting an undershelf rear strut brace


  1. S15 turbo elbow, front pipe, cat and exhaust. Are they the same as the S14/a?


  1. Gearbox and Limited Slip Differential oil quantities
  2. Got Gearbox issues, check here (post 3)
  3. How to change diff oil
  4. How to change gearbox oil
  5. S14/S15 clutch and flywheel compatibility
  6. 5-Speed conversion detials


  1. Changing the brake pads
  2. Z32 rear brake conversion
  3. ABS removal information
  4. BMC upgrade and general information

Electrics and electronics

  1. S15 Fuse Box Diagrams
  2. S15 ECU pinouts
  3. JDM Digital Climate Control diagnostic program
  4. Setting-up a Blitz SBC boost controller
  5. Installing and setting-up a HKS EVC5 boost controller
  6. HKS EVC6 wiring info
  7. Replacing electric mirror motors and power fold motors
  8. Apexi Power FC FAQ (Click on the PowerFC FAQ link on the page)
  9. Removing the instrument pod
  10. How to fit mph converter
  11. How to reset the airbag warning light
  12. Battery infomation for FMIC installations and standard installations
  13. S15 bulb specs and types
  14. Wiring up a Z32 AFM
  15. Boost gauge wiring
  16. Electric fans wiring information
  17. ECU fault code reading

Wheels and tyres

  1. Ultimate wheel fitting guide
  2. Offset calculator
  3. Wheel weight database

Interior, exterior and trim

  1. Air Conditioner/Ventilation filter replacement
  2. How to remove S15 air vents
  3. How to fit Nissan OEM Window visors (post #44)
  4. How to remove OEM boost gauge and fit Defi gauge in....
  5. How to take headlights apart and clean INSIDE! (Supra forum link, but the principle is the same)
  6. How to strip down an S15 Headlight

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