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    URGENT - need abs block bracket measurement

    hi there, i´m doing a LHD conversion and would like to make it as close mirrored as possible to look genuine. by this i was cutting the abs block bracket without making a measurement where to place the upper part on the new lower part. in my mind it was something like 10mm on one side and...
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    EBAY 1euro - sr20de engine, bosch 040, takata style 6-point, rb25 oilpan, r35 parts

    have to clean my cellar. so grab yourself a bargain. ALL auctions starts at 1 euro without reserve. asks for exact shippingcosts. Nissan Silvia S15 SR20 engine for swap 200sx S12/S13/s14 usw. Bosch 040 Motorsport fuel pump...
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    need part# for rear spats grommet

    hi there, i need the part number for the 4x grommets from the rear spats. they are needed for mounting the spats at the wheel arch side of the bumper. these ones: thanks
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    EBAY - some universal and R35 Stuff

    up for sale some universal and r35 gt-r stuff. 3x gauge holder for dashboard Skunk2 - Sock for brake- or clutch fluid
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    Aero Spoiler holes - oem one

    hi there, have here a oem aero spoiler and want to moutn it on my boot. but at all i searching for the messurement of the oem mounting holes from the rear spoiler. would be great if anyone who have a aero spoiler and have it down could do a quick messurement. look the attachment please
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    WTB: few s15 parts

    hi there, i´m searching for a few s15 spec-r parts. - a-pillar right side for boost gauge - oem boostgauge - plug or complete wiring for the boostgauge - oem boost gauge solenoid include plug or complete wiring - spec-r struts from the front, trunk and rear subframe please let me know. i´m...
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    FS: Nissan S15 - Nismo gauge cluster - new/original boxing

    i have for sale a new and original boxed Nismo gauge cluster for Nissan S15. its located in germany. please ask for shippingquote. price: 550,- Euro
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    WTB: s15 spec-r a-pillar panel

    searching for.. offers include shipping costs to germany via pm. for getting a quote: thanks and regards
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    WTB: s15 oem boost gauge and solinoid

    hi, as above i searching for that include shipping to germany. thanks.
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    FS: s15 fuel pump

    hi there, have her for sale my s15 silvia fuel pump. saw them going in usa for 90$, i only want 25euro for it. have run 84tkm on it and runs well till the replacement for bosch 044 :D
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    FS: Nissan R35 GT-R Brembo Calipers

    Hi there, i´m selling a pair of complete NEW Brembo Calipers for R35 GT-R (front only). Price for new ones at Nissan Germany over 3000,- Euro. 1900,- Euro include shipping (open for offers)
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    fitting HID (oem) to a non Hid s15

    hi...did anyone ever fitting oem xenon hid headlights from a s15 to a s15 with non hid headlights? i heard i wouldn´t fit plug and play. i´m sure its because the xenon leveler (hope its the right word). i could fitting them?
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    srs - airbag resistance

    hi there, i want to replace my oem steering wheel with a aftermarket one. because i still want to have the passengers airbag worked and without any errors at the indicator. soo, i have to put a resistor to the plug from the airbag for telling the system that ther still s a airbag. so no...
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    wiring diagram of the engine sub loom

    hi there, can´t find the engine sub loom in the user manual. anyone have a wiring diagram for connectors e26 and e27 from the relay boxes or e201 and e202 from the engine sub loom?
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    circuit diagram question

    hi there, the friend who tried to help me with wiring up my rb26 in my s15 dont have time at the moment and now i have to do it myself. at all its pretty simple wiring the rb26 up into the s15 but i still have a problem. i want to wiring it up that i can still use my oem tachometer...