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    Mike's JRSC EP3 Sleeper.

    Have spent the last 5 months trying to sell this car and I literally couldn't give it away so I'm keeping it! Let the mod hunting begin again.
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    The dispatch camper.

    Though this might be of interest to some. I have been converting our Citroën Dispatch into a weekend camper. I set a deadline of the Silverstone F1 to get it done. Might get there... Well it was ply lined when we bought it and I carpeted it and put some speakers in, it's been like this for 3...
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    Silverstone F1 2014

    Anyone going this year? We're going up Wednesday morning again for the whole thing! Be good to see some S15oc faces! :thumbs:
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    FS: Work Emotion CR Kai Wheels

    Work Emotion CR Kai 17x7 17x8 Two nearly new A1 Condition in bronze. 17×7 et35 Two used shadow chrome 8/10 condition. 17x8 et32. The new pair of wheels were imported last Autumn by Injection Imports for myself and have done around 200- 500 miles so as new. Minor curbing as in 'pics. I have...
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    No, no, not drugs. Anybody got any tips for growing nice grass?! My front and back lawns look like the somme and went it grows I just get weeds! Hello everyone by the way! Haven't been on in a while! :) Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Don't buy fakes of fakes, buy our fakes.

    The safety issue is understandable but the cheek of this made I laugh!
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    FS: Elbow mid pipe, wmic, airbox, springs etc

    Some stuff left over and my old thread was bit busy so. These are attached, I could take apart but rather not! £30+postage £50+postage Airbox £20+postage As you can see assortment of pipes, I can't remember which are which but I should have them all! Standard valve+limited edition...
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    FS: Bride Low Max Vios 3, Yashio Factory knob, gator and slider button.

    Bought the seat of James LuPix with a Zeta but I'm only using the one so may aswell go to someone that is going to use it. (Currently in the loft so I'll get current pics tomorrow!) it has a black back and some scratches. £270 collected. Yashio factory knob, gaitor and slider button...
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    T*** VAO? Aero Pewter, Cheddar, 13-7-13

    Had just parked the civic up, gave you a thumbs up! Looked smart! :)
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    Open Event: Jae 2013

    We going to this? I don't know how many we need or anything but lets do a list, everyone likes lists. 1. Mike (ep3) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Things I've just bought.

    We can't come up with all the good thread ideas by ourselves can we. Post picture/s of what you've just splashed your hard earned on, maybe it's stamps or a new set of pistons.
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    Stoptech bbk colour opinions.

    I fear(read as ' I'm excited') I might need some bigger brakes, from what I read the stock setup can struggle on track with the chargers performance. Im gonna get the Stoptech bbk. Question is what colour. Red or black. Red- Common, people would notice. Black- Understated, keeps the sleeper...
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    Mike's JRSC EP3 Sleeper.

    Evening all, the few of you that are on my fb will know this already but I have a new motor to replace the Pathfinder... Which replaced the 15(temporarily!) I've bought a Premier Edition EP3 (boo hiss) I'll let the spec speak for it's self but its a credit to the last owner and wants for...
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    Harnesses. What's the score?

    Are harness bars like that strong enough to attach the straps to? I thought they were to guide them to the correct angle before fixing to the rear belt fixing points? Like this.